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Dana Mrkich – Solar Flare Peace Flare – 19 August 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewWe had an M-class Solar Flare on Saturday. For me and many around me the entire weekend had a very gentle, healing, soothing, flowing vibe.

There was a feeling of gratitude for what is, even if there is much to still be frustrated about. There was a sense of feeling joyful for the simple things that are going well in your life, even if there are issues in one or more life areas. There was a feeling of trust and surrender for that in your life that you are unsure about or worried about, letting it go to some higher part of you that is sure, and does know what to do.  Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – 19 August 2013

AishaNorthYou are being battered and bruised by these life-changing energies now, and although they are indeed working their magic on you, it can be easy to misconstrue them for something else. So again let us repeat the message that you are all well looked after, and we will not let anything go amiss. However, there are forces out and about less concerned about your wellfare, and more concerned about their survival on these shores. We are not saying this in order to raise the alarms in any way, just to remind you that there are a lot of interest out there in getting you to lose your equilibrium. For as we have oft mentioned these last few days, the imbalance you all perceive can easily be looked upon as something negative. It is not, or rather, this imbalance is only negative for all those still set on keeping the old ways. Whereas you and everyone else who have set their sights on the light a long time ago, you are all well served by this imbalance. Continue reading

Infinite Water – How To Become Who You Came Here To Be (The Secret And The POWER) – 19 August 2013

Uploaded on 19 August 2013 by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Elevate! Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:  http://www.infinitewaters.net/books My Website: http://infinitewaters.net

Probe Into Claim Diana Was Murdered – 19 August 2013

Irish Examiner

Police are examining new information which alleges that Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed were murdered by a member of the British military.

By Catherine Wylie

Scotland Yard said it is “scoping” the information and “assessing its relevance and credibility”.

The claims were passed to the Metropolitan Police by the Royal Military Police (RMP), which was told of them by the former parents- in-law of a former soldier based on information that the ex-soldier had talked about in the past, according to a military source.

www.irishexaminer.com / link to original article

BusinessInsider – Markets More: Indonesia Indonesian Stocks Get Destroyed – 19 August 2013

businessInsiderMarkets More: Indonesia
Indonesian Stocks Get Destroyed
Joe Weisenthal

Earlier we mentioned the weakness in India, but if you want to see some real carnage today, check out Indonesia.

The Jakarta market is down over 5%.

Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite Index, via Bloomberg

Read the whole story  at : www.businessinsider.com / link to original article


John Ward – Crash2 : China Plans New Gold Standard For Dominant Yuan – 19 August 2013

JohnWUncle Sam goes foot-shooting, gets felled by snipers
Last week I posted about how Bernanke has run out of road in his attempt to keep everyone happy. As so often in such circumstances, he’s pleased nobody in the end: not the brokers, not the Asian creditors, and most definitely not the US consumer.

I also posted last week about the huge percentage of US bond-offloading accounted for by Chinese and Japanese dumping. And I’ve posted ad nauseam about the inability to generate spending from people who’s wages one just spent a decade eroding by 30%. Continue reading

2012TheBigPicture – Who Is Behind ‘Suspicious Observers’? Another Video – 19 August 2013


(Lucas : This video and information has  raised for me more questions! There is something not right as I first thought is was just an issue of a dispute of the two Dutch and  Davidson over HAARP it seems that there is a maybe a  hidden agenda behind this!)

Who is Behind ‘Suspicious Observers’? Another Video

People are divided on this issue, as people always are when someone they believe is a “good guy” turns on another good guy and tries to make them out to be a bad guy. People hate to admit they were suckered. I admit it—I’ve been suckered, and I learned from it. Continue reading

One People – 19 August 2013

Uploaded on 18 August 2013 TheOnePeople Official Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Too Soon Or Too Late – 19 August 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Yes, your human heart seems to be a kind of barometer. It goes up, and it goes down. Your beloved heart goes to extremes. No matter how much you intend to not to be upset, you still get upset. You react, as if it is urgent that you react. You seem to be unable to hold back even an hour. It is an immediate thing with you. The expression “living in the now” isn’t meant to apply to a fast comeback that puts other people in their place. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The One People Blogtalk Radio – 19/20 August – 19 August 2013

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USA EDT/ 12  August 2013, 20.00 pm, European Mainland, 13 August 2013, 02.00 am, Australia, Sydney- 13 August 2013, 10.00 am

Call in to speak with the host (646) 716-4598

Formerly the Oppt-In Show. Continue reading