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Look at this picture a few minutes and try to capture what kind of feelings it evokes within you. I know for me, I was immediately drawn to it and felt a momentary twinge of wishing I could live in such a place. Not because I want to move from where I am, but because it is such a cared about location. Great care was taken to build the buildings, to cobble the streets, to make it appealing and inviting. I see this quite often in foreign countries. They seem to preserve their history and continue to embrace the style in which they live. Here in the U.S. we are overrun with cheap housing, square boxes with no character, poorly constructed and quickly so the builders could get on to the next job. No pride really, no appeal, no uniqueness, just cookie cutter living in the burbs. I have to wonder why we have allowed ourselves to accept this way of living. I always keep coming back to this in my posts, the fact we accept these things into our lives. We show no protest against it, we just march along behind the pied piper and go wherever he drags us, into whatever lifestyle he chooses.

I would love to go back in time and be able to figure out where our train left the tracks and diverted us all into this other way of being. It had to start somewhere, somehow. If we could just figure that out we could better understand how we have been manipulated and can put up our shields to prevent it from happening any further. It is very subtle and almost non-existent to our awareness it seems. I think it is like the frog in the pot of boiling water, the temperature is heating the water so slowly we do not notice it. It certainly is time we do, lest we boil to death.  It seems to me the key lies within our ability to remain aware at all times! This is why the Government’s distraction game is so dangerous. We get pulled away from awareness without even knowing it.

So why has society, at least here in America, stopped caring about what really matters? why is it no longer important to preserve our history, build homes with appeal and pride? Why in heaven’s name are so many willing to live in massive housing tracks of identical houses eliminating their uniqueness and molding them into everybody else’s persona? It baffles me that we would so easily give up the identities that make us who we are. God forbid these people should go out and tie one on. How in the world do they find their way back to their house in the dark? They all look the same, street after street, block after block. We should have paid closer attention to that movie Stepford Wives. It certainly was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

It seems like a good time to begin paying attention to ourselves and what makes each of us unique and honoring that fact. If you live in a housing track, create something different about your house that says something about who you are. If you can’t because your community rules won’t allow that, MOVE OUT! Don’t allow yourselves to be made into robots with no souls. You have souls and you need to let them be free to express who they are! Take pride in your surroundings. Do they appeal and invite you in like the photo above? We truly need to get back to caring about what matters most. Expressing ourselves and creating beauty around us Matters, we matter as individuals and we need to honor that!

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