Sophia Love – Most Recent Off World Conversation – 20 August 2013

Sophia Love Update August 18, 2013 and Two Updates on August 19th, 2013

I get questions every now and again about our conversation. Right now is one of those times. There are huge expectations for this month and the coming few months. Do you have anything to say about what we can expect?

I hope that you are well.
Thank you and much love.

Good day Sophia!

Good Day Sophia! These feelings are ok for this time. As You know overall change is taking place right now, there are very mixed feelings not only within lightworkers, but within majority as well.

The Solar flip (that is the next phase of the Sun, the polar shift) is going to be more unusual as it used to be, because of the changes within human society.

I can’t say much good news, everything is much the same right now. The progress is being made as it supposed to. There is still some time needed for massive changes to occur.

Being considered many new evil schemes within secret societies or cabal. Their hideous strategies mostly are being negated, their intentions are not changing. The struggle, better called oppression in Israel against palestinians is happening on the same level without worsening, improving. Same in Syria, same overall world situation.

The progress is slow but determined, it was aligned by One, and everything proceeds how it was intended to be. Still One hoped that humanity can do better..

The biggest “bet” everyone can do, which is going to return with greatest reward is to let more and more people know about ETs everlasting presence on this world. People little by little are finding out, but it’s slow. Once main stream people (which is majority, performing routine tasks) are finding out about ETs and that’s they are legit and information presented as well, the information about order illuminati is being revealed with it as well in a very short time, as there is a distinct connection with it. I will share with you another trusted source of information about ETs presence and corruption of the government.


The faster humanity “fills the gaps” within it with understanding, the faster the Moment of Justice comes. A paraphrase: “Time is only a Will of One, within it matter can change how it wants.” Remember that time do not exist for our subconsciousness, we can do all the things we want to only now.

Much Peace and Love to You and Everyone!

First update August 19th, 2013

Good Day Sophia!

I was told to share this information and tried to send it sooner, and it didn’t go through, now I can do this:

About the western media manipulation of the public
click here

The planned wars:

click here

About most prominent secret societies, most of which are interconnected by believe system:

click here

A message left for humanity, disguised as a comedy:

click here

And for Your enjoyment music of old and of that to come:

Click here

and here

and here

Let me know if there is something more You or Others need to know.

Peace, Calm and Prosperity!

Second update August 19th, 2013

Hi and thank you. I am listening now to the music as I write…It is beautiful.

I so appreciate these videos, as will others.

I do have a question. I have seen reference now to September as a pivotal month, and even one specific day in it, the 26th. There is a link which I’ll share that discuss this moment, the end of September. I very much dislike dates and prophecies, yet here it is once again. The description in the cosmic awareness message below describes an event that very much sounds like the movie “solar revolution” , which was projected for the middle of 2013. The timing of that would be right now as well. I am wondering about your thoughts on all of this.

Click here:

I have noticed a few times where the music and message sent is about loss of love, the cycle of life and death, sadness and rebirth… I take from that a message of loss in the days to come.

We are all expecting something to occur and with these messages there seems to be a warning that there will be loss. With so much time passing now without any major destructive event, I believe we are not expecting anything like that to happen on a global scale. Perhaps you are indicating something else?

Can you elaborate for me? Is there something you know that can be shared here?

This one comes from my friend, who runs the blog American kabuki:

“What do you know of the divines and how does One intend to deal with them?”

Thanks and much Love,

A september, was always a special month for secret satanic societies, the cabal. It is because, from it begins the autumn “a time of death”, and it is numbered 9, nine is a sinister number in their understanding, they love to jump from 9 to 11, that is passing 10, the number of Order and God. This jumping is showing their obedience to antigod – satan. So whatever can happen there, will be of their doings.

They are planning to make a coup or government shutdown in U.S. regime during september, also CIA operatives are instigating riots in Lebanon, and there is oppression going on with Kurdish People. Mali and Somali are under attack from within as well. The increase in this is their desperate attempts to worsen the situation and make a world war 3, although it is deemed to fail.

The situation in Egypt is different, it is not made with U.S. efforts, People are struggling for changes. Egypt is vital for cabal existence on the Middle East, this country is not in the “regime change plan”. What happens there is going against their planning, one more sign that their system is crumbling. Within U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, there are people that are ready to release new “classified files” that will put more taint on reputation of U.S. regime government. Recently, regime acknowledged the existence of Area 51, due to NSA leaks.

The Solar Flip will occur within september – october, it is already happening. In the core, poles already flipped to 30%. It is a gradual process within the Sun. The Sun is one of those stars that is not fast, so many things happen slowly. Though Sun sees everything passing away at a very high speed pace. It is only in our perception time is running like it is running:)

Overall, the changes are very soon to come, but waiting is still necessary.
(Waiting though is one thing, but trying to do is another and doing actually is completely different;)

The images You are seeing showing losses of someone important, this is where You must decide how it will be! You are the master of Your life and this reality, so seeing is not always believing. Believing is how You visualize Your world. You heard many times over that this is an illusion of 3D world. It actually is, because People are unable to see more “lines” only 3 – length, width, height.

There are actually more than just three dimensions people are accustomed to. If we are taking these terms, then humanity is actually living in 4D world. Time is also a merit, that can be measured. We gave humanity another – a 5D abbreviation, based on 5 senses.

Some live in 6D. Very few even made to 7D. We haven’t found higher. Some though live in 4D or 3D, deaf and blind people, senseless People… People in coma are in 1D world.. I want to show here, that sense of seeing is just a visualization of object. Everyone sees object and colors differently. The variation is very small, but it exists. Other non human sapient creatures will see other pictures and other objects, unlike what You are seeing, so when we are returning to emotional video like Memories, it is important how You see it.

We are not trying to show a hidden warning or something bad, it is just something that plays with emotions, and how You control these emotions is how You visualize what You wish to see (or experience:)

Also if it is interesting for You and Everyone, and if You are ready to hear it, I can describe what is life and death in simple language and understanding. I first need to ask this as this is not a simple theme to talk about.

Good Day American Kabuki, I know that You grow very untrusted to word Divine. Well Divines You meant, the Ascended Masters, are the same controllers of this world, which are frequently seen all over the world as “flying lights” and their probes, the flying spheres (well it’s not just a probe, but a living soul actually, though it is used like a probe).

I told Sophia that we are here because they wish to possess power to create and uncreate using humans, as humans are one of their most successful experiments. Thing I didn’t tell is why exactly One is not allowing them to possess this power, this power is very great, but only worthy can possess such power.

There are a lot of old civilizations around the Universe that do possess this power and many devices that have highly incredible abilities. One entrusted this to them as they were worthy for this. We are in alliance with them, an alliance of Friendship, they are simply old friends. We could become friends to these “Divines” as well, but One does not see them worthy right now. They are unfortunately not confident in their abilities and goals.

You can see their reflection in this world, You know the rule as above, so below. “What are the parents, so are the children”, can be said as well. So if they are going to continue this experiment, they will be punished, if they are going to aid humanity in it’s liberation, then they will be left how they are right now, without punishment. Some of them will go to One to answer to some of “the most atrocious acts against Creation”, some of humans will go too.

I hope this is going to help You American Kabuki.

Much Peace, Love and Happiness to Everyone!

In reply to this:

“Also if it is interesting for You and Everyone, and if You are ready to hear it, I can describe what is life and death in simple language and understanding. I first need to ask this as this is not a simple theme to talk about.”

The answer is yes. That would be helpful to us.

Much love,

Ok Sophia. You already heard that sayings, that after death life continues. Some say it is just nothing, others say, it is a Court of a God, other are saying it is reincarnation. From this point, what You are believing, Your own belief, if what You will find next not resonating with You then stop reading this.

We, the Forces of One know that Existence is Reincarnation.

Imagine that waiting to be born is when You are waiting at the bus stop for the next bus. When it stops and opens the doors, You’re entering, into the “life”. Then You’re choosing Your place and sit down where You want to.

While You ride, You know where You are going and when You must get off the bus, You can do whatever You wish in that bus, but bounds of decency are holding You from doing bad things, but some still are doing bad things.

And when it’s time to get off the bus, You’re happy to finally meet Your long waited relatives, together in tears, joy and happiness, all are coming into the highly luminescent tunnel of Pure Light, because You know that there is Home and You can rest in there.

People that disturbed or injured other passengers during journey, are met by the authorities once they need to get off the bus (or sooner) and are being taken into the custody, with later trials.

Some people don’t meet relatives, but need to wait for the next bus. As their relatives are waiting farther away. Either way, all people will have to wait for the next bus, once they will need to ride somewhere else.

The bus analogy, I chose to describe life and not train, tram or rollercoaster, because the rollercoaster for example gives You only one route and You can’t change it, You’re on a ride that can’t be changed. Trains have a little more freedom, but still You have only narrowed choice, the rails were already set and You can go only on either one, You can’t make a complete 180 degrees turn, but with bus You can.

Bus can make any turn on it’s route, it even can make a completely different route, so it is the Life. For this example “bus” is a collective life experience or planet Earth.

The reflection of the Universe can be seen everywhere on this world, and within human society. As above so below, is one of the Universal Laws.

I hope You find this helpful! Peace and Love to You! link to original article


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