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I don’t believe any truer words were ever spoken than ‘Follow your heart’ which in essence is following the light.You can’t go wrong on this path, all doors lead to heaven on this path. So what stops so many from getting on this glorious path and staying on it? Ego trips plain and simple. Ego interferes and pushes us off onto another set of train tracks and kaboom! We’re lost. We just can’t let the argument drop, we just have to get the last word in, we just have to cast judgment upon someone else, we blame others for our mistakes rather than looking within ourselves. There are any number of games ego pulls us into if we allow it and that does not bode well for our outcome. Ego has a nasty way of making us think only of ourselves and our own situations, the whole of everyone around us means nothing. We cannot create our fabulous new world if we remain stuck in ego’s grasp. It is time to step back and work hard to release ourselves from egos hold it has over us if we truly want to be free.

When anyone or anything in the world is in imbalance there is disharmony and unrest. If we maintain balance we maintain peace and love. In order to keep our balance in check we must follow the light. We leave our egos behind and no longer harbor that vile need to be right! We learn to give to others from our hearts because we care not because we feel we must. We learn how to listen to our guts and our own intuition and believe in what we feel to be right. We learn to let go of the constant harping from the Government on what to think, what to do, what to believe in, it is useless distractions with the aim of pulling ourselves away from knowing what is best for us. Ego’s existence relies upon your listening to it and following its decisions, but that is a dead end road if you do. Release it!

In order to deal with what is going on in the world today we must have strong foundations and an innate knowing which we can only possess if we are connected powerfully within ourselves. Knowing ourselves and counting on ourselves and believing in ourselves is where we get our true power from. The hippies in the 60′s had the right idea when they said Turn on and tune out, meaning don’t listen to outside influences any longer, listen within. The big mistake they made was doing it solely through drugs. We can and many are getting there as well without drugs. We have opened our hearts and the desires have come forth to lead us where we need to go under our own power.

12-12-12 and 12-21-12 were the initial wake up calls that brought people together with a new awareness. We waited for something magical to occur but many felt we saw nothing. What they failed to recognize was the very fact that on that date we were ALL together with minds and hearts opening wide. That in itself was a massive feat but it was accomplished. Since that time we have all strayed to quiet corners to work on ourselves within, building our strong foundations brick by brick as we tossed aside ego and cleaned out our dark corners that still hid the last remnants. We have done our work and now it is our mission to be the shining examples for others to follow as well. Follow the light, follow your heart, and be love and you  are now traveling the correct path as the light shines before you leading you on.

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