John Ward – Fukushima : BBC’s Matt McGrath Does Abrupt Volte Face After Nuclear Experts Confirm Slogpost – 22 August 2013

JohnWThis may just be slightly more important than some two-bit global financial problem

Following this morning’s piece here – and the intervention of several international scientists during the day – the Beeb’s website has done an about turn on the Fukushima threat:

‘A nuclear expert has told the BBC that he believes the current water leaks at Fukushima are much worse than the authorities have stated. Mycle Schneider is an independent consultant who has previously advised the French and German governments. He says water is leaking out all over the site and there are no accurate figures for radiation levels.’

Following my sarcasm about upgrading to level one, the disaster has now been upped to level three….not that this means very much. I have also received four contacts from concerned scientists, one of whom declared that the leakage “is now unstoppable, and the China Syndrome is being played out in real life”.

Makes one even wonder if Abenomics are really Armageddonomics. / link to original article


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