Lisa Gawlas – The New Alloyed Being Of The Human Soul – 22 August 2013

lisagawlas2Do you know what this time in our lives reminds me of…. our tweenage years.  We have emerged out of childhood, our bodies are now producing chemicals that are changing and enhancing our physical bodies and we grow in desires that only yesterday made us say:  ewwwwww.  Ok maybe little made us really say ewww, but going with the analogy of the child stepping into a more fully actively desiring, physical body.

I have pondered since yesterday the electrical fence thing; how intense, how purposeful and how freakin confusing it all is.  The electrical fence we use is for the purpose of keeping animals contained in a limited and safe area.  Why would we need such an intense and from the human perspective, limited boundary at this stage of our game, of our evolution??

Until this moment, we have been able to apply whatever skills, whatever understandings we have come to, freely.  Allowing us the full spectrum of cause and effect.  Allowing us to learn and refine our skills from those oops’ that we needed to learn from.

But like the child moving into adulthood, we have changed.  The chemical matrix within our biology has changed.  It’s not even just simply enhanced, it is different than it ever was.  WE are now different than we ever were.

We are no longer human having a spiritual experience, nor are we spiritual having a human experience.  We are the alloyed Being we have worked so hard to become, A spiritual Human.  When you take gold and melt it completely down, and take silver and melt it completely down, the mix it together, it becomes something new, something that contains the fullness of both metals, no longer separate from each other.

A unified whole.  Soul melded with biology.

Just like a tweenager going thru the chemical changes within to give them the full ability to reproduce, we too have gone thru that internal change as well.  Equally, so has our immediate landscape we call life.

To stray too far from “Home” as we adjust, learn this new matrix of life we are living… we may very well be creating things that were never our intention, but like tweenagers, we are getting curiouser and curiouser.  So spiritual boundaries had to be set so we go within our new alloyed Being and understand how we work now.  How we create and uncreate, now.

Heaven on earth can only become reality if and when it first exists within the human.  A full blend of soul and body.  The Human Soul Alive in singularity.

There is a visual that holds so steady within me, the visual that came from my precious man with the fishing pole.  Being in our body of water (pure emotion) standing at the forefront of its energy field in our body with arms by our side slightly out from the body itself.  Feeling.  Feeling deeply.  Magnetizing the water with our hands as our heart desire flows thru us and activates the energy of the water.

Well, my day begins, I am going to close on that note and leave you to feel with the fullness of that new, enhanced working model of our Self.

I love you so much!!  Thank you for being the loving waters of my soul!!


Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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