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I have been on this awakening journey for quite some time now and yet it never ceases to amaze me that there are still so many things to learn as I travel along. One of the bigger realizations I have captured through experience has been that we need not sit here and wait to finally get our freedom. We already have it, it is we who determine whether we are free or not, not the jailers. It is very much like the old myth of heaven and hell and where we will go after death according to how we have lived our life. Nonsense! That is but another fear tactic that was used upon us to keep us in line. Heaven and hell are right here on earth and are determined by how we live our lives. If we choose to live a loving life from our hearts and show compassion for all others yes life will be good for us. The same goes for freedom. We can either limit our lives by how we think and stifle our freedom, or we can live with open hearts and open minds and choose for ourselves how free we will live our lives.

How rigid are your beliefs? Have you looked at how you think lately and taken inventory? Could you be holding on to old and out dated beliefs that are holding you back from freedom? Early on in life we adopt ideas and beliefs that we were taught by others but we were never taught to question whether those beliefs were accurate or not. Why have we been holding on to beliefs of another persons making? What if those beliefs are limiting our own freedom to live life as we desire? It would be wise to take time to search through your beliefs and weed out what no longer fits or belongs to some other persons fears and limitations. This is your life, time to live by your own beliefs now.

Forgiveness goes hand in hand with beliefs, for if we are not able to forgive because of our beliefs we stay trapped in our emotions. Take our assumptions for instance. We assume people should act a certain way and when they don’t and it affects us, we tend to not be able to forgive. That is old belief thinking. Try evolving to where you understand and believe that we are all free to be who we are and it is not our right to insist someone else must act a certain way that we deem correct. We all harbor these old modes of thinking but unless we stop and get quiet and really look at ourselves and see what our beliefs are, we will continue on in the same fashion we have been, even though it is halting our freedom.

Freedom like heaven is within ourselves. Are you able to release judgment and ego traps and free yourself to be whomever you choose to be? Think how nice it will be to be able to go through life not feeling slighted, or hurt, or jealous, etc. These emotions hold us captive and twist our hearts into knots. They are useless emotions. Without them we are free to soar our way through life not being jolted by emotional disturbances and life feels good. This is what releasing is all about, clearing out our hearts so there is more room for love in the inn. It is not necessarily hard work, it just takes you making the time to go within and be honest with yourself and find out how you truly believe about things, and if in fact those beliefs are even truly yours. Whatever you carry that belongs to someone else toss it aside and sweep your heart clean. Freedom awaits!

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