John Ward – Justice Is Still Blind – 23 August 2013


gingerdiggerBut it’s also deaf to the citizenry’s rights, dumb about threats to liberty, unable to smell mendacity, and acquiring a taste for privilegeSmile all you like, you’re still a Digger & a GingerAnother day goes by, and the jolly romp of those above the law continues with ever broader smiles. How about this for a “free press” snippet from yesterday’s Guardian:

‘The trial of former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has been delayed by seven weeks….The trial will now not start until 28 October – after Mr Justice Saunders adjourned the case for legal reasons at a hearing in the Old Bailey on Wednesday. Those reasons cannot be reported.’

I understand sub judice as well as the next man, but in our current ‘culture’ of secret privilege, I think we deserve to know just a little more than this. Brooks was charged nearly thirteen months ago, so one wonders why “legal reasons” have suddenly popped up. And while I can appreciate that during house conveyance, it is standard practice for idiot legals to find a problem on the day of exchange, this isn’t really what we’re talking about here.

There’s already evidence of an attempt some months back to delay the course of justice, when somebody leaked a non-story about two people close to David Cameron “but not working inside Number Ten” having an affair. That seemed to have an air of trying to build a head of steam for a mistrial caper, but nobody took the bait. Now we have another mysterious ‘new element’. As they say, “This is a hold-up” – but as Newscorp is used to asking people to hand over money at gunpoint, perhaps there is nothing to see here…move along please, hythangyoo.


Sometimes things are held up, and at others they are set aside. More than 7m people are in line to share a £1.3bn compensation pot after Britain’s biggest banks agreed to foot the bill for years of mis-selling credit card insurance cover. Just get a grip of these further numbers: the Financial Conduct Regulator revealed that 13 banks and building societies such as Barclays and Bank of Scotland will take part in the compensation scheme. These banks all referred customers applying for cards to CPP, which sold card protection and ID fraud cover judged useless by the City regulator last year….and which, quite obviously, all thirteen institutions knew about. CPP itself has made a provision for compensation of £29m. That amount is almost twice the loss CPP announced yesterday.

But with his bare face hanging out, CPP chief executive Paul Stobart admitted the company would be better off if only a small number of customers eligible for redress filed a claim….because if they did, “it would crush us”. Rushing spring streams of tears are pouring down my cheeks. And talking of cheek, Stobart’s former partner in the racket, founder Hamish Ogston, insisted, “It’s bollocks. There’s never been a compensation redress scheme in history where it’s been 100 per cent.” Really Hamish? Well, there’s a first time for everything, you sh*thead.

As you’d expect in any cosy little club where the police dare not tread, the CPP fraudsters – and by all means call your lawyer Hamish, because that’s what you are, apart from a moron – are being baled out by the banks.

Neither fraudster will be asked to pay anything back. Neither man has been charged with anything. No banker complicity in the scam is to be investigated. Nobody is going to jail. Everybody appears to be happy about this. Welcome once again to Fool Britannia.


Boris Johnson, meanwhile, is keen to start “a new career writing fiction”. One could scarcely call this a new career for BoJo, as his Mayoral report on Co2 emissions ploughed into the atmosphere of London by a new generation of ‘green’ taxis has since been shown (by his fellow-Tory at Defra) to be utter fiction from beginning to end. How lucky for Tim Yeo, therefore, that his Tory Party mate Boris happened to underestimate the emissions in favour of, um….Tim Yeo’s taxis.

What Mayor Johnson perpetrated in that instance was first, gross misuse of a major public office (he passed a law forcing taxi drivers to buy the Yeomobiles) and second, a fraud against both these knights of the road and the capital’s electorate. He has not been any of the following: censured, cautioned, questioned, arrested, charged, put on trial or sent to prison. Neither has Tim Yeo, but he did ask for 48,901 other offences to be taken into   account offshore and hidden from view.

You can follow the full ignominy of Johnson’s Progress here at Borisconi the Barbarian.


All of this would be bad enough if it simply involved these appalling hobgoblins having no sense of honour or respect or conscience….and walking free. Yesterday an American was sentenced to thirty-five years in jail for obeying his conscience. Nobody in this saga wound up with their just desserts: but I know of she for whom my first custard pie would be reserved: custard and ginger hair have enormous potential for cruel humour, I fancy. / link to original article


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