Laura Bruno – A Second “Twin” Star Of David Portal – August 25th – 23 August 2013

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You may remember the post from July 29th I shared on the Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal which had profound effect for everyone and was a time to really tune in and harness that heart intention that would be amplified.

Well, this Sunday, August 25th, there is going to be a second “twin” Star of David creating what is being called a “Peace Portal”.

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Another potent energy portal on August 25th. Some people are calling this the new “Ascension Date” and I’ve received more than a few emails about timelines splitting on this date, the world ending or other “prophecies.” My take on these potent alignments like 12/21/12, 7/29/13 and all the other really amazing astrological alignments is that they are supportive windows for certain types of energy. No one is going to do all your shifting *for* you. It’s still your life and you can refuse to engage the energies. Some might carry you along a bit anyway, but this is a participatory Universe. Recognizing the energy of the stars, planets and Moon is not so different than deciding to have your roof fixed during a non-rainy season, or planning for the birth of your child sometime around the due date rather than a year out. Enjoy the journey. It’s yours and yours alone, even though many are also taking their own journeys and saying hi along the way.

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