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Okay. Are we ready now to put our energies into meeting our extended family? We talk about disclosure and all but have we really concentrated on communicating with them and welcoming them here? I would think they would be a lot more eager to land if they felt our loving energies towards them. Perhaps we need a day of celebrating as a whole to welcome them here, then they could really feel our intentions. I would find it hard to think anyone doesn’t believe they are out there waiting to visit us, but maybe there is. It seems unfathomable that we could possibly still think we are all there is in the universe! That old brain washing sure did its thing I guess. I think we are getting help from higher sources at all times on this journey we are on. If you have done your homework and researched the Fukushima disaster you are well aware that the problems are not only urgent and extremely critical, you must also know America has been hammered with radiation since it began. High levels were being captured by the machines until the Government decided to turn them all off and keep us in the dark. So I would think one would have to conclude that if we are not all dying from over exposure, the radiation must be dissipating by some means and we are being spared. Now who could be helping us out?

It amazes me that so many new things to be considered by us get brushed aside and forgotten about. Do we seem to think all of these new things are just going to happen without our involvement and encouragement? We seem to be still marinating in that old wait and see sauce. The ho-hum attitude. The new world is ours for the taking folks, but we have to create it, we have to interact with what we want and use our intentions to get what we desire. Boy TV sure turned us into a lazy bunch of instantaneous seeking yo yo’s. It is time to come together in every way we can and manifest this new world into being. That includes welcoming our extended family openly and with all our hearts.

Crop circles can only come from one of two places! Either our friends from above are messaging with us, twittering in the grass stalks important things for us to know, or else our sick and warped Government is pulling a fast one and believe me, they have the capabilities to pull this off. Now think about this a little deeper and maybe you can get the answer. The Government is running out of money fast, they are panicking because prior ways of ripping us off are failing and other countries no longer wish to support our sick ways. Can you blame them? So if they are going broke, they won’t be able to afford all of these off the earth missions they have been deep into for so long now. That leaves our star families as being behind them and yes, they are real. Time to expand your thinking here.

So let us all gather together and put out the giant welcome mat for brothers and sisters and make an effort to communicate via our vibrations of love and caring. It is time we began interacting with life and partaking in creating our new realities. They are not just going to happen and if they do surely they will not be what we bargained for. If we want good results, we must make the effort to manifest what we desire. If we can make the effort to be loving and kind and helpful to our fellow-man to help create the new world, surely we can offer our love and open arms to our star families and bring them to us sooner so we can go home sooner! If we can all meditate together the way we do, certainly we can pick a day to work with our intentions to communicate with our star families and welcome them here.

Blessings to us all,

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