Sophia Love – An Off World Update – 24 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update August 23rd, 2013 — with a second and third update added and August 24th, 2013

I have a question and suggestion from my friend:

“A curious and provocative line is – “The progress is slow but determined, it was aligned by One, and everything proceeds how it was intended to be. Still One hoped that humanity can do better”

The issue for me or what it provokes is a seeming ambiguity in that “One” <hoped> that humanity can do better – If “One” has aligned things and “everything proceeds how it was intended to be” – then why is “One” of the hope that “we” would do better?

Surely we are doing at the rate of alignment control and if not why not inject the situation with the imperitive of the following para – The biggest “bet” everyone can do, which is going to return with greatest reward is to let more and more people know about ETs everlasting presence on this world.

This appears to be the most difficult task for us as there is so much against us factually doing it with any degree of receptivity that endures – and the least desired actuation by information that is placed on sites by so called channellers or contacts of the ET/ Off-world entities. However I subscribe to it fully and with great presence.

It was part of Operation Blueband or similar by the PTB (powers that be) about the Alien Invasion…well that should be taken away from the PTB and carried out as the “alien introduction” taking the rug out completely from the satanics etc to force the issue into what at first might be a “mexican stand-off” but what would ultimately be a confirmation of “benign intervention” based on an ET presence of resistance and non aggression.

How? – By having a “ship” hover at a reasonabvle and identifiable height (that resonates and is secured at 3D vibrations) from which a message is continuously being emmited and where appropriate the occupants enter the area within a secured area arranged by them – Earth TV would have to follow it all and despite what might be propaganderised by the PTB it would expell any doubt that ET presence is a fact. The location should be such that there is minimal earth military presence and maximal human contact like that of Portugal where 70.000people “apparently” (Fatima Event) saw a UFO….only this time leave no doubt of it.

If an ET presence came and stood ground over days/weeks then the sublime message would get through to very many people and perhaps turn the tide for the beginning of the completion that gets to save the world in general.

Please ask your friend to comment concisely on this issue of mine because intuition tells me that this would work. I earnestly recommend it to “One” in all sincerity and love for the betterment of the world, to permit this intervention that would isolate the PTB at a stroke and allow “us humans” to percieve things more positively.

Much love to you both – saludos ”

Thank you for your willingness to respond.
Much love,

Ok Sophia, I will explain, but remember – Your own believes are most important, I may say many things, but You need to believe in what You think is right, this is the Universal Freedom.

I need to apologize for using two obscure words “hoped” and “bet”. I will explain: One is the Creator of the Universe and Universe itself, so it means You and me and all this world and whole Solar System, Milky Way and whole Universe is One, just one unit, united and connected. We are calling Ancient Prime Creator – the point of beginning and end, just One. One though is a very, very complex and difficult to understand design. One holds both predestined and non predestined time sequence. One’s Consciousness consists of many different personalities (or characters), and personality that is observing this world’s situation is with us on this time frame. We are calling different personalities (also Creator Incarnates) – as Managers. Each manage different role and all are located in “Heaven”, the Nexus of Conduits.

All this is very complex, maybe You understood what I wanted to say, so now I can say this shortly: “the shred of Creator, that answers for this world was hoping for humanity to make things faster and more efficient, but everything just is going as it is intended (even a little slower, if we will give into details)”.

And I used the word “bet” well, because we can’t be sure on Followers’ of Light words. They already changed their minds two times since year 2000. But we GEs are sure, that when humanity as a whole will be overflown with evidence of their presence, they will have to do something. What exactly, we can hope only that it is what humanity wants and not otherwise. Though You know, bad things will not be tolerated, Forces of One are here to assure that won’t happen. We can wait a little longer, but we gave them their deadline.

I’m sorry, I can’t bring in pleiadean, sirian or arcturian spacecraft. Forces of One are prohibited from entering here as well. I can tell that some of the countries in the world are ready to meet new extra terrestrial friends, their leaders were asked about this. This was done in secrecy and askers were humans. The prevention for this still remains the United States coverup of UFO and ETs presence. It is because they have done a lot of cruel and evil things and if they would accept ETs presence and their whole ETs research, everything else will surface as well. That is their biggest fear. I’m helping other people to see the evidence on UFOs, this is the best thing we can do now apart from protecting critical locations.

I hope this is going to help You My Friend.
Peace and Prosperity to You!

Thank you, I will share.

In the meantime, I have just been sent this:
Click here

The video included in the passage has a second video, redacting the first to some degree. It is here:
Click here

Would you comment? This appears to coincide with your mention of the plans of the Cabal.

Thank you.
Much love,

Ok Sophia, this is going to this possibility of coup d’etat. I can’t give into details, I’m sorry for this, but their strategy can be improved if I will say something here on this subject, Lightworkers need to be careful. They are desperate and desperate people are dangerous (particularly such extreme people as satanic people).
Right now think of a Bright Future and Love and Harmony Among All!

If You are interested in bad event, then considering very last deceptive chemical attack in Syria. You can check this archived article, look for the leaked email. US regime government approved long ago rebels to use chemical weapons on Syrian People and blame it on Syrian Government.. truly disgraceful act…
It wasn’t the first time they did this, the more such things they do, the more severe punishment for them becomes, it is just waiting for them a little further, soon we will meet this moment
Click here

Also one question Sophia, You heard 1977 message, are You resonate with it?

I am sorry, I don’t know what you mean??? What 1977 message?

I was having a mixed feeling whether You heard it or not. This is a message which was given to very few back then, which is now passing to many more
Click here

Do You resonate with it?

Thank you. I do resonate with it..

I only heard it recently though.

I can’t help but notice the reference to the Ashtar Command, which is one we hear from today, not on television but from various channelers.

It feels like validation for the intent of our off world brothers and sisters, as well as for the fact that this was not common knowledge but “given to a very few back then”. There is so much that has been kept hidden. So much that was known before now. I wonder about something like this happening today, on all stations worldwide.

I had a dream about something like that. We saw it on our televisions (or computers in my home) and went outside, and then saw the ships in the sky. It happened everywhere at once, all over the planet, so there was no possibility of the message being corrupted or the intent misinterpreted.

In the dream, I ran outside with my family and saw the ships. They were everywhere and even writing in the sky. It was very cool, and world altering.

Thank you for reminding me of this message from so many years ago. I will share this.

Much love,

Thank You Sophia, I wanted to hear Your own resonance and answer.

Name Gramaha is not quite correct, his name was Vrilan (Vrillon), that’s is how he is known to me. Also they pronounce not Ashtar as You heard this, but Asta, like it was in the video.

This incident occurred on 26th november of 1977 going after the WOW! signal received the same year from Chi Sagittarii on august 15:
Click here

The signal WOW! was a powerful signal that gave permission to interfere in such a way, sent from their command.

The incident is known as “Southern Television broadcast interruption”:

I was introduced not long ago into this message and first impression I received was the sound “Hum”, I know this sound, it’s an energy technology which is very powerful. It’s a transmitter with which is possible to integrate signal anywhere from other dimensional world.

The signal was meant not to be clear and was meant to be only in that location. The main intent of this message was to not tell about ETs existence to humanity, but to warn of an impending doom, the nuclear ww3. Humanity was not ready at that moment to acknowledge the ETs presence above their world. Mostly disturbing was that many were in complete fear after this message, almost all that accepted this message started to think of “an alien invasion”. So You can see, people in that time have very narrow and closed minds.

It was left for people to choose whether to accept this message or mark it with hoax. Most did exactly that, it was considered a hoax and forgotten. Yet now it’s been resurfaced for a younger generation to choose what to do.

There are four reasons, why they chose exactly that location and why they transmitted this in english and not any other language.

– The first reason is because there were some very important individuals, that were on the wrong path.

– The second was because it is an english location, and western satanic elite was and is in control of the world. English accent was chosen for this translation.

– Third was because the southern television bore the eight pointed star symbol, one that Pleiadean, Asta GC and we Forces of One are using. They all have difference, but all are 8 pointed and sharp, much like direction/christmas star or NATO is using.

-Last was because of transmitters, they were relatively easy to hack on background of other more sophisticated transmitters, total 9 were hacked. It was intentionally used like this so that people should wonder whether to believe it or not. Another challenge. I resonated with this message completely, as I know, what he said is how everything is. “Evil forces that overshadow governments’ judgements” are cabal, “the false prophets that collects energy, humanity know as money” are self appointed “lightworkers” and religious “gurus” whose aim is to build their own “wealthwellness” and the choice humanity already made was very important for future of this world. Harmony, Love and Unity are the keys for spiritual evolution.

Now that I know, archons and Light Followers are one and the same, this is making everything and this message very clear..

Peace, Calm, Prosperity!

Second Update August 23, 2013

The dream You saw is the reality that was chosen to become, Followers of Light must make exactly this scenario. But we cannot completely trust Followers of Light. They are like humans have different opinions and different agendas, they are more united than humanity, but still have differences. They were making wars among themselves in the past, sometime they have different opinions with other galactic alliances. They are trying to be perfect, but unfortunately, they need to evolve much more to achieve perfection which they seek.

In situation if they are not going to intervene and aid humanity directly, Forces of One have their own plan for this. Every technology that is non automated is under control of ancient machines’ technology known as “connector”. It connects everything that is using any form of Energy to central Super Wise Intelligence. There is no way of escaping it. Every device can be hijacked and controlled at any moment, special very powerful signal can be sent all over the world, but only on order from One.

So if Light Followers will hesitate, then Forces of One will make an announcement, and they will force disclosure and force humanity liberation, by humanity’s choice, which is not a very good thing to say the least.. I will hope Followers of Light or Galactic Federation of Light will do everything without One’s direct interference (Force of One are counted as One’s direct interference (defensive-offensive fragment/part/shred/piece/particle of One – Manager Tactician).

Everything is going as One planned (planning fragment of One – Manager Planner), but One will not wait too long (decision taking fragment of One – Manager Decider), they were given a very narrow time frame.

One’s intention to see humanity to fulfill their collective wish (goodwill fragment of One – Manager Kindgiver). Also as You know intervention can take place any moment now, there is no stopping it, Forces of One will wait, but not too long..

I hope this is going to aid You in understanding of Your dream, Much Peace and Love to You!

Third Update August 23, 2013

Thank you. It does. I will share as well.

Much love,

I’m happy You found it helpful!

The music is the language of emotions, it could be neutral, despair, peaceful, inspirational, calming, many many genres, but it truly is the language of souls.. our souls are talking with sounds and leaving message within music. I will share this beautiful music, think of most enjoyable for You things, Enjoy!

Everlasting is Peace

Calm is river

Aphelion is far point, but once it comes closer it becomes perihelion and brings Blossom and Prosperity

Much Peace and Love to Everyone!

August 24th, 2013

These are beautiful pieces of music. They create such peace and power all at once. Thank you.

Much love,

I am happy You liked it Sophia!

But there are grave news, if You are ready to hear them: right now there is a very huge energy pressure going on in Syria. The US regime government wish to attack Syrian Government at any cost. US, Israel, UK and France are the main warmongers in all this situation. It comes late, as this is without a doubt what we were waiting – the last push of dark cabal. Russian Government is ready to answer harshly if order will be given, this will mean a lot of problems for the world, more casualties and despair..

Like I showed in previous message, this chemical attack was completely fabricated. It was a setup, the UK and US intelligence took shells similar that SAA are using and filled them with sarin gas, then gave this filled shells to rebels and told to use it on civilians… This is a very, very disgraceful and cruel act of utter evilness..

The good news are, that soldiers and some high figures within US military are ready to make a coup d’etat, possibly this coup can start right when Syria will be attacked, I can’t see the moment, but in september month something bad is felt. This is a subject to change, I encourage You and Everyone that wish to see as less destruction and deaths as possible to think of Good, Peaceful outcome. You all know by now, that we can change the future with our thoughts and this is the right time to do so!

Think of Peace, Love and Prosperity!

Thank you for this. As you have further information, please continue to share.

Much love,
Sophia / link to original article


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