Lisa Gawlas – The Canvas Of Your Life and The Living Paint Of Creation – 25 August 2013

lisagawlas2I think, for as far back as I have been reading, this particular August has been the most intense, the most active in our inner and outer shifts ever.  The field (life) and the human has undergone 4 consecutive shifts back to back all within this month that is not quite over yet.  But I do feel, the major shifts have settled into  a brand new arena of life itself.  The best way I can describe this part of our shift is using the analogy of an artist, a painter specifically.  We have been handed (so to speak) a blank canvas.  I see this canvas as white, both the inner and outer worlds with two aspects to our canvas.  Our new life platform seems to now stretch outward to encompass our created life.  In my readings, this platform is no longer circular but is now square, stretching and filling the entirety of my field of vision within your activated life.  So far, that activated field is still harnessed within the energy I call August.

The inner heart field, which for two days (more than likely three, but on the third day I was down wreathing in absolute physical discomfort,)  became liquid or water like and now is as white and as blank as the outer field.  There is still a distinction in play, there is an energy line that creates a circle of energy within the stage of life that is now our heart center.  For those who have allowed themselves to go completely thru this intense clearing of our emotional center, our emotional life (and all life begins and ends with emotions) there is a single element that is steady in my view, what I call the storehouse or silo of energy in the west field.

Let’s talk about how important and how vital that storehouse of energy is for us.  Imagine we have been farming in every conceivable lifetime (past, present, future, off planet) and thru every experience we ripened parts of ourselves.  Parts such as wisdom, abilities that go beyond our 3D concept of ourselves (which I call spiritual abilities,) rarefied emotions, and even our good karma coins and so much more than that.  A quantum generator of energy.

The energy and all that goes with energy, has nothing we would call negative in it.  Anything we need to experience within the realms of polarity play out in our life field immediately.  At least for those who are walking in this new vibrational field called earth.  There are many still dealing with old karma, old energetic spaces within themselves and reside on an earth frequency different from the one I am currently talking about, even tho it truly looks like everyone is on the very same earth… all the illusion is thick and real, isn’t it?

But here is how the game has changed for us now; In order to fully create now, we must use the new paint the pure, rarefied emotions we have worked our asses off to produce within ourselves.  Let’s change this back into an artist’s canvas, pure potential awaiting a brush stroke of creation.

The canvas itself is vitally important.  A place that within the tapestry of our own life that feels… clear.  For example, for this last week, these last couple days most especially, I have felt like everything my own life has come to a stand still (emotionally speaking.)  For as long as I have been living in my home here there has always been some emotions that filled my air and I breathed them in and out all day long.  Loving gratitude.  It was so prominent all the time I could not help but live in that space (a beautiful space to live within I might add.)  But lately, the air itself feels… empty.  Maybe better stated, less intense… and I hear “integrated.”

So I have spent the last two days trying to figure out what the hell is happening!!  I have never felt so “still” in forever.  Both my inner world and my outer world reflect that eery stillness.  Nothing inspiring happening within myself, beyond our readings, thank god for our readings together or I would have swore I died, that’s how still it all has become!!  I am telling you, you have always been my lifeline to understanding!

So after my day of readings yesterday, I pondered myself.  I don’t even feel the desire to create anything new.  At all.  No inflow of passion, or desire, or anything really.  So i asked my team, what the hell do I do with this moment in time?  Their reply…. get to know your canvas.  Our “canvas” contains a core element that will hold the brushstrokes, the pure emotion of our incoming new life.

I started to realize the bigger picture.  It is amazing what you can understand when your not constantly trying to create or energize something.  My canvas, the landscape of my entire life, is made out of Peace.  Pure, untainted, PEACE.  Peace is the very foundation of my place here in my Heaven.  And I LOVE my PEACE.

There are equally two things that came thru the readings the last 2 days that now is very clear in my understanding, I just pray I can put it all into as clear an understanding for you.  For the majority of people I read for, that silo of energy, their personal storehouse has been and continues to be, located out in what I call their created life platform.  It sits just outside their heart center area, releasing energy for their ongoing experience within life.  A place where the interaction with life itself is being fueled, changed, rearranged by your own growth and the pure seeds of energy within your storehouse.

This serves two really important purposes, one, to allow you to recognize yourself in all aspects of life.  And two, for you to change all life as you change yourself.  Careful with the two part… we are not here to force change in anyone.  However, as we change and grow more comfortably within our expressive soul self, just by Being we are changing the world around us.

The more we allow our soul expression to emerge and Be a living part of our expression, the more life changes around you.  Jobs change, relationships change, environments change, passions change, the inner focus changes, you can recognize the changes within everything around you.  Some for what would see the better, others, to the opposite end of the spectrum.  Perfect!

What I have also noticed, some people are on the outside area of their “storehouse.”  I did a very simple drawing:


If we can look at that “storehouse” as our generator of life experiences and the energy needed to keep up changing and evolving, then we need to be in the (tiny) space between the storehouse and the heart center.  Your heart center is the magnetic creation of (ongoing) life experience, evolution.  So your biological Being becomes infused with the energy of the storehouse, is transmitted thru the heart center (as a subtle knowing too) and hydrates the landscape of life with fluid forward movement/growth/evolution.  Unless we get out of alignment and hang out in created life.  There we can no longer feel the (subtle) direction of our life’s currents, often times, we simply feel the chaos that is around us.  Leaving us feeling depleted and lost.  Making your way back to center, vital.

The way I see this storehouse generator thingie is like a pipeline that runs beneath the surface, underground if you will, moving the energy from created life into the core of your Being, your heart center.  This is really setting up the mastery of following the flow of your soul into endings, enhancements and new beginnings with what may feel very much like blind trust.

This allows the refinement and experiences on so many levels and travels into many timelines at once, collapsing time as you go.  Until you arrive at zero point.  And even there, is a journey inward.  The storehouse of energy, that generator of Life is not longer set up in created life, moving your experiences along… but deep inside yourself, with nothing to guide you but You.

It’s kinda funny, since I moved to New Mexico 3 years ago now, Archangel Michael talked more about zero point, no time, than I care to mention.  I cannot tell you I ever really understood any of it until today.  Now I get it!!  The question (for me) changes to… now what to do with it.

I moved from the wetlands of Virginia, where the core of my love (my children and grandson) lived, to the desert landscape of Albuquerque, knowing not a soul.  Having no real clue why I was here, at all.  Moving from roommate situation to roommate situation until I arrived here in the Jemez… still rather clueless of what I am doing Here, even further away from anything familiar, from what seems… far away from Life itself.

The spiral of energy moving inward.  Each time I moved, I realized more and more about myself, or the aspects of myself I needed to clear up and refine until January 2012 when I moved into MySelf with myself.  I have spent these last two years (well, close to two years) figuring out how I work.  How I FEEL without anyone else involved in my experience of feeling.  Refining the residual energy of discordance within myself.  Allowing the individuated emotions of peace, and joy and love to not only fill my space, but become the living energy of my space.

And now it all has become…. silent in its own way.  Maybe, less obvious would be a better way of describing it.  I am no longer walking around my home thanking everything in my life for being here, which I have done daily for probably the last year.  The feeling was so deep, so intense, sooo full, it was all I could think of to do.  At least, until this past week.  When everything seemed to change into…. stillness.

Like I said, thank GOD for YOU.  In seeing your own changes, the movement of energy into the pure white canvas of Life without form, but becoming for the awareness of the emotional paintbrush that is now at hand, I can understand my own tapestry of life.

What is the most resonant feeling within yourself?  Our new life is going to be a deeper, more vivid reflection of the core energy running thru you.  Mine, I realized yesterday, is Peace.  Knowing what your canvas is made of, that core feeling in your wholeness of life is important.  Because it will define what paint we use and how we use it.  (Please know, I am not an artist nor have I ever painted outside of art class in school.)  Our color palate is our emotional field of energy.  Some may need acrylic paint, some oils, others watercolors, depending on the canvas you have as your life base.

For whatever reason, I know my personal paints are going to be watercolors.  To give this contrast, if your core energy is joy, your going to want acrylics… the boldness of acrylics.  How do we know the difference?  I have no flipping clue!!  I am still getting to know the canvas of my life itself.  It may seem strange to say… but it is sooo new, everything about what we are doing now and how…

I will figure out how to paint tomorrow, I’m still sizing up my canvas and trying to find the damn brush!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for allowing us all to understand the ever changing landscape of Life thru your Soul Light and inner desire to know yourSelf more!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of color and deLight to ALL!!

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