Lisa Gawlas – The Divine Feminine And The Knights In Shining Armor Assisting Her! – 26 August 2013

lisagawlas2If you could see how much assistance and protection that comes flooding to you and surrounds you the moment you step your foot on a path that may look foreign, distant from all you know…  I have been reading for a young girl in college off and on for the last few years.  She lived here in the USA and I remember when she first got the opportunity to attend school in Italy, the blood coursed thru my veins so excitedly I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that all will fall into place and work out perfectly, not only in getting there, but even as she arrived in a land so far away from friends and family as she embarked on a much-needed series of experiences once she arrived in Italy.  Well, yesterday, I had the pure blessing of connecting with her again, from the land of real Italian food!!  The pure energy of joy and adventure that bubbled out of each word she said wrapped around my heart and my inner child was jumping up and down with excitement for her.  Then when we started the reading itself, her entire reading was so different from anyone else’s that I have connected to for the last several days, throwing me for a complete loop.

As soon as I connected to her field of life, instantly 4 images started to move into her center area of life.  The first one I could see clearly, the other three, I knew were already on their way, but not “here” yet.  Knights on horseback.  Each one coming in from the four corners of her life, one at a time, one evolution phase at a time.  The only image I could see with solid clarity was the Knight that came in from the southwest corner and stopped just at the threshold of her heart center.  I could see even the minutest detail on his Being.  The shiny silver of his Knight suit, the gold bands of trip in various places.  The horse he rode in on was white, with the other three Knights that will come into her center field over the course of the coming year, each present “Knight” handing her off to the next.  I could not see the images of her knights that have yet to become solid on her path of life, but I could see the colors of the horses.  The next one will be black, the one after that will be brown, the final one was not shown to me in detail… yet.

When I looked to find her, she was in the center of her heart, in the circle area.  A soft blue gown on her body and a wind coming in from her future blowing it gently.  The winds of change do not have to pick us up and fling us around if we move with our own winds of change.  She Is!!!

The one thing I could discern about her Knights in shining armor was each one will carry her to her next ongoing experience.  Even the concept of time (well kinda, sorta) was there… each had their own quadrant of time and distance and it felt to me, like quarters of a year.  Even tho they come out from the four corners of her life, when they aligned, they were in a circle formation, one at the southwest area, the next the northwest area, then the northeast, then the southeast.  Closer to the edges of west and east, new energy, new experience to take her into a whole new life adventure in the fullness of completion over the coming year.

That first knight was so real and so vivid in my field of vision, I could have sworn he was literally in my back yard.  He was more vivid than her image and I really didn’t get the whole significance of this reading until I hung up and took my own bath.  But, what I do find interesting, as she and I were talking about what these knights do mean and could mean, and she was sharing her coming year adventures, suddenly as we talked, her knight all of a sudden had a javelin in his hand.  I knew he was a protector on her journey.  Equally tho, the rider that will take her deeper into wonderful quests within her life experience, she must choose to ride with him (yup, we talked about meditation…. smile.)

The colors of the horses were also very significant too (nothing ever shows up that isn’t significant) white: the canvas of pure potential, new adventures to create and live for yourSelf.  Black… that color now has much more significance to me than ever before.  The deep unknown, yes, still very much means that, but since we are now moving into the color palate of our emotions, black would be every color mushed together, which really does create an even deeper unknown, until we start to really move into the vastness of the black with consciousness of Feeling.  What are you learning and what do you feel within yourself thru the experiences you are having.

One can eat a cake but never learn how to bake on for themselves because they never looked at the ingredients that make up the cake.  Before it was cake, it was 2 cups of flour, a cup of sugar, two eggs, some backing soda and salt and so on.  This is where awareness becomes our tools of creation.  If you just want to slide along life’s buffet table of experience’s, that’s fine, there are plenty to have.  But if you want to be the cook, you better learn how to mix ingredients!!

So her next knight in shining armor will give her the opportunity to really see how life came together for her thru her individuated emotions that she mixed together to create the experience(s) she is having.  Which gives way to the brown horse, the color of the dirt of the earth.  Manifested desires in created reality.  Sometimes we bake a really great cake, sometimes it flops.  But the fact she has knights, pure, radiant protection in every quadrant of her life, even the flops will be tasty and will not cause harm.

Even the image of her was more than I realized, the divine feminine, the dreamer, consistently in the gentle streams of life’s winds, moving and flowing, but if the divine masculine never showed up within herself, the very energy that takes the dream and creates it in reality… well… she would just be flowing with the winds and never really fully having that intense and beautiful interactive experience on the landscape of created life.

Meaning, yes she will be protected thru her journey in Italy, but she needs to get on the horse with each Knight thru the quadrant of her life experience they are there to assist with.

When I took my bath (trying to find my freakin paintbrush) doncha know I got her knights in clearer understanding, of course, in relationship to myself, which I suppose was important for both of us, but man, I really want my paintbrush!!  lol

My journey here to the land of New Mexico had four very distinct phases Three separate roommate experiences, sharing life with the aspects of myself I needed to be vividly aware of, because that energy was fully affecting me and my own tripping down my life path.  Then I moved here, to my heaven.  I couldn’t have had I not taken rides deep within myself on the safety of the Knights who aligned themselves in my life.  Defusing the energy that seemed to keep me just outside of my full potential, my heart desires and then went on the quest to clear up that part of my emotional field.

Life is an ongoing journey, a quest to bigger and grander things… if we allow it to be.  If we engage within our life experiences and see it all more fully, more clearly, and hold the mirrors of our lives with such magnificent love!

On that note, I must close, my day is about to begin.

Life is an adventure… go LIVE it!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild and wonderful adventures within and without!!

Lisa Gawlas

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