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Can you feel it? A new world is dawning and we are all a witness to its splendor. Powerful winds are rushing in to cleanse the planet, new and powerful energies are rewiring our bodies and our minds are opening magically to new ways of thinking and being.The further we go forward into this new world, the less the old world affects us. It seems odd at times. Intellectually we know bad things are going on and yet somehow they don’t seem part of this new world. Of course they don’t because they aren’t! We each create the world we wish to live in and so if one doesn’t want to be part of the death and destruction, then choose not to bring it into your life through your thoughts and actions. You have the choice of remaining anchored in the evil or moving above it and not giving it any of your attention. Always remember, your thoughts create your reality.

There are people who will get angry and accuse you of not caring about what happens to the world, that the world is the way it is because of people like you who don’t care and are doing nothing to try to save it. The old world can’t be saved, it is imperative that it fades away so the new world can be created. I personally have no desire to hold onto what was, I would rather be busy in creating what is coming to pass right now. The more time you spend living in the now of the new world of ideas, the faster you will begin to forget what was. It seems that most people tend to think in terms of a book of laws when living their lives. One law would be’ it is socially incorrect not to be upset by what is going on’. Says who? Who dreamed up that law? Sounds like a function of control to me.

That little book of rules so many are still living by is holding you back from living free in this new world. There is no book of rules in the new world, only guidelines to live by such as do not judge, do not listen to ego, be loving to all, all is all there is, be kind and compassionate etc. Those guidelines are there for us to be guided into living a loving life and this way of living is heaven on earth. Who wouldn’t want to follow them? If you don’t, then stay in the old world and continue following your rules. Who made up the rules on how we should act and feel anyway and why do you believe them? Do you ever question anything? We seem hell-bent on remaining a society of the herd mentality and we all do what everyone else is doing. We must think and act for ourselves for once. We’re free!

If one chooses not to get swept up in the dramas taking place, that does not make one an uncaring soul, to the contrary. It means one cares much more to want to create a better world and not continue to give their energy and soul blood to a dying way of life. If people weren’t busy creating the new world, then where, pray tell , would one go when the old world collapses if they didn’t want to stay there? It is so hard for people to stop thinking in 3D thought patterns of the old world, it is so ingrained it is automatic. But we must stop and clear our heads. There have been a million little laws we lived by that no longer pertain to our new way of being. The true trick is learning to recognize them and eliminate them. Not an easy thing to do but possible to overcome if you are willing to remain aware of your thoughts. Freedom awaits you there beyond the border of your mind, have the courage to step over and into a world of ethereal splendor. Home at long last!

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Appropriately named song for indeed we are in the end of the final battle… / link to original article

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