StreetsOfLove-Unconditional – Angel Lucci – P2P Systems – Focus On ” OS Currency” And The Austin Time Exchange Network – 27 August 2013

angellucciI know we are all waiting for Project XIII to manifest for all platforms, however in the mean time, I think further evaluation is needed of the various P2P Systems that already exist and are available and that I introduced on 8/26/2013.   I’ve chosen “OS Currency” because it is currently used by several groups.

OS Currency


When I clicked the link to OS Currency, a message appeared that said it was an unsafe site because there certificate is expired.  I continued through ignoring the “Get me out-of-here!” button and had no issues with the site.  It is clean and a message is provided in the documentation that tells the story of the licensing issue.  Not a big deal to me but the Licensing Certificate issue may scare the timid off.

I suggest much more research be completed should you be interested in using the Open Source software.   I want to share one of the groups using  the OS Currency software that jumped out to me because it is fairly local – the Austin Time Exchange Network.  The following is from their Blog.

Austin Time Exchange Network Blog

Making Things Happen

JOIN US Saturday, August 24th at 10:30am for a Creating Commerce circle at the Twin Oaks Branch of the Austin Public Library (meeting room #1).  Do you have your own business, non-profit campaign, or creative project?  This is a great chance to speak in a supportive group for up to 5 minutes about what you do or are passionate about, and learn what other members are up to as well!   We are very excited to get these networking meetings going on a regular basis to help encourage connection-making within our community.  Plan to spend about an hour and a half at this event, and do invite friends to come along!

Also on the theme of making things happen is this positive story about how ATEN helped one member repay a friends’ kindness…

I enjoyed the following story by one of the members that is a classic example of an Energetic Exchange between Eternal Essences Embodied:

Hello Y’all! I’m Jennifer Jarding and I am part of Austin Time Exchange Network.  I generally use the hours I accrue to spoil myself a bit.  Recently I had an idea which turned into a plan that worked out well for everyone involved.

My story goes like this: I have a friend that is a small business owner who I do work for quite often.  This man has gone above and beyond both as a friend and an employer. When he and I met I did not have a vehicle.  He had an older fixer-upper that he had offered to a few other folks at a very reasonable price.  No one else was interested except me.  I asked him if he would be willing to let me work the hours that would equal what he wanted for the car. He agreed and I basically bartered for an awesome little car.  I almost have it paid off but I wanted to do something extra to show my appreciation after all, he took a chance on me when he didn’t have too.

There is a loft area in his shop that needed a staircase.  I had drawn up a rough idea of stairs with storage underneath. — Let’s be clear here, a carpenter I am not.  The staircase idea floated around for awhile until BOING!  That part of my brain where the light bulb is started flashing!  What if I used some of my ATEN hours to have someone design and build these stairs?  Then my friend would only have to pay for the supplies.  

Fortunately I knew just the person to contact: Amanda Jones, AKA Handy Mandy ATX.  We discussed the idea, I showed her my plan, she came up with a much better plan, and then she got started.

The staircase is amazing. It far exceeded expectations. My friend is thrilled, and Amanda’s work will get more exposure, hopefully leading to more paying gigs in the future.

Everyone lived happily ever after… Yay, ATEN!


The SKILLBANK includes all of the skills available for “Time Exchange”.  An example of the many categories are as follows:

  • Arts & Crafts (63)
    • Photography (36)
    • Art, Illustrations, basic graphics (26)
    • 3d Modeling (9)
    • Design (20)
    • Sculpture (10)
    • Needlework (crochet, knit, etc.) (17)
    • crochet cotton/wool hats (7)
    • making custom quilts (5)
    • Sewing (12)
    • Brewing Beer (1)
    • Jewelry Making (0)
  • Automotive (4)
    • Washing (21)
    • Repair (10)
    • Diagnostic (5)


Mission StatementThe Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN) provides a complementary currency that enables members to build community through the exchange of services.Board MembersThe Austin Time Exchange Network Board members work to keep ATEN’s mission focused. You can build groups or make exchanges for a variety of purposes, but if you feel you need any support, please feel free to reach out to one of us, or email the entire board at


Make sure you check out the rest of the site if your interested in getting involved with ATEN or with the OS Currency P2P.
Since we are the value, and through a Declaration of Value along with the exchange tools, documents, for “accessing our value” can be used.  Let us all pull together as One People and start implementing and putting into practice the changes we desire.
More research is needed and DOing your Due Diligence is the only way to cause this change to occur.

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