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Read This, Things are Happening

[28/08/13 2:01:44 AM] Outlawjjsmith*:  [3:53:11 AM] D Breakingthesilence:

I have been trying to get on all day to post this…..the implications are just too big not to share and I have gotten permission to share from Destry. I know only as much as is posted here but perhaps at some point he will join the conversation and will explain what he can as he was in on this……

“Destry Payne
Remember the post i put up here about the Vatican no longer protecting the defacto offices and office holders starting September 1st? They are now personally responsible for their actions?
Well… I was in our state assembly meeting today and found out that this is 100% accurate!

Destry Payne A dejure state assembly convened today with delegates and statesmen to enact the first law in a lawful way since 1861.
As of today, every treaty, law, act, statute, executive order since 1861 is now null and void as if it never existed.

This is fact, not fiction.

Ted V. will concur with me as a witness to this event.

As of now, the UNITED STATES is hereby dissolved and the real states no longer exist as a state. There is at this time only one dejure state and the other 49 are a territory until they establish their lawful government to be recognized as a dejure state.

The district of criminals is done and being dissolved. Keep a close eye on the news for clues to this.

You people have some inside news here that is not known anywhere else right now.

The entire conversation can be found here: .

I recommend in addition to our notices, we all join the effort and rock the effort to bring Common Law Grand Juries into being in every state and get this boat righted! The page for the group Destry is in and that I am going to become a full member of as soon as I can has a page:

[28/08/13 2:02:02 AM] Outlawjjsmith*: This is Huge!!! / link to original article


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