TheOne-DreamDreamer – Get The “I” Out Off The Way… Why??? – 28 August 2013

So God gave you a body, a separated body! only to deny it.
It gave you personality, only to deny it.
It gave you Gifts, simply to ignore them; and the same happens with your needs…
You are not special, nor are you different. There’s no thing in you that makes YOU the way YOU are. There’s only a bunch of spiritual “I-less” robots walking around the planet and following the good guru instructions. (ones that, for some reason, always seem to have an “I”!)
Cool place to be… around humans! So many souls… all giving them selves away cause God made a mistake…
Can you FEEL how little sense it makes?
Oh yes, i forgot all is one…! Well I’ve bad news for you: no thing is one until you are One with your self. And that is a road that has been created FOR YOU to walk on. That is the road you Choose to walk on. That is part of the Why we come here no more as one. And no one will come down from the sky to teach you YOUR way home. YOU are the one that has been given all you need (I said NEED) right inside of your Core by God it self as part of YOU.
That is the You/I so many are trying to get rid of. You can’t! It’s one of the very reasons you are here. To Explore Creation using That part of the one you have inside right Now and here.
Listen to your needs carefully, with Love and Compassion. There’s nothing wrong with using the I, for God gave you that I to experience it. Once you master all that you are supposed to master… It will simply be gone as it is in that very I that you will Find the All. It’s a long long walk, but it’s worth it if you allow your self to walk it deeply!
There’s no way of finding ALL by leaving out the very peice you are supposed to use to get there: YOU/I.
Give your self/I a chance…
Whatever you’ve done so far, it does not matter. You matter as the breath of God. You matter as You co-create life! And what You create for You you create for All!!!
So what do you Choose? To disappear or to shine as the wonder full Being you are?

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