Wes Annac – Astral travels : Rainbow Blessings – 28 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

Brimming ascended landscapes and perceptions are waiting for us to open up to them, and with the visualization power we’ve been practicing throughout various weeks we can access those landscapes now and amaze ourselves with our own ability to do so.

It’s being hinted to that the barriers between us and the higher dimensions have dissolved to nearly nothing, and if we make the active effort, we can reap the benefits and shatter our own perceptual barriers.

In visualizing and greeting myriad ascended landscapes, we can also address everything prevalent in our collective consciousness that continues to hold humanity back and see us feeding into the dissolving barriers. We can address everything being fed that’s keeping us held in a paradigm of mental and spiritual bondage, but we can also gain great glimpses into the higher dimensions.

Though we’ve done much already, there’s still much to be done and our blessings are needed for the core and outer mechanisms being fed by humanity that sustain the old paradigm.

Coming to find blissful ascended landscapes and states of consciousness will see us very easily able to address anything and everything holding humanity back, and for this week’s exercise, we’re going to visualize and bless a representation of corruption from a place of pure, brimming higher-dimensionality.

There’s nothing stopping us from blessing the lower states of consciousness from the higher, and while I don’t yet have a good enough glimpse of the ascended realms to offer much beyond my interpretation of the impressions I’ll receive amidst the course of this exercise, the landscape we’ll intend to visualize will be higher-dimensional.

As we make our efforts to perceive of the higher dimensions and pull them toward us in any way we can, so do we expand our perceptions of them and find ourselves able to gain greater glimpses into them. Our perceptions of the higher dimensions will expand with each bit of effort we make to perceive of them, and with that, we’re going to begin this week’s exercise.

I’d like for you to visualize a beautiful, wide open field. It can resemble other fields we’ve visualized in the past if you wish it to, but you’re equally welcomed to visualize and create an entirely new landscape based on the “field” template.

Though we don’t technically exist in human bodies in this visualized realm, take a breath of fresh air and feel your physical and metaphysical senses open up. Visualize the beautiful and brightly colored grass swaying about with the gentle wind, and thank this gentle wind for its serenity and its calming effect.

We can access downloads of pure energy the likes of which we’ve never felt before, even by just meditating on this field of colorful grass and gentle wind.

Visualize various trees scattered about in this field, each of them as unique as they could possibly be. Personally, I see very wildly colored fruit hanging from one of the trees, and upon walking/floating up to this fruit, I see that it’s literally multicolored and its colors are actually moving – swirling about around the fruit, incredibly and impossibly.

Of course, nothing is impossible in these heavenly spiritual realms and even as I write this, the incredible multicolored fruit has me dazzled. I’ve seen and consumed similar “ascended fruit” in the ascended city of Acclipthys previously, but I’ve never seen the real-time swirling colors of this fruit.

The fruit of the higher dimensions and the etheric landscapes we can visualize and bring into form is embedded with and literally constructed of purer energy for us to absorb and benefit from. If you’d like to, visualize yourself walking/floating over to this tree with me as I call our subscriber group over.

With a wonderful miracle of manifestation, visualize as a great number of fruit come flying from the trees and land on the ground near each of you. Notice the multicolored nature of this higher-dimensional fruit as you pick it up (or as you visualize it floating in front of your face).

If you’d like, take a bite of this heavenly fruit and feel your etheric taste buds flooded with the most amazing tropical-berry taste. Feel your etheric Self absorb massive quantities and purities of Love energy, and feel the resulting clarity in visualization and metaphysical perception you’re able to experience.

Did your visual of this landscape sharpen slightly when you consumed the fruit? Do you find your visualization much easier to access and your view of this landscape much more brimming? This is the intention of the fruit.

As we enjoy this landscape and consume our multicolored fruit, notice multicolored and refracted light beginning to appear amidst a light and calm drizzle.

It’s started to sprinkle in this landscape, and with the sprinkling has come a large rainbow boasting colors similar to our fruit. We can see the rainbow off in the distance, and as we visualize and enjoy it, feel yourselves being drawn closer to it.

We’re drawn closer and closer to this rainbow, visualizing and enjoying the serene features of the landscape along the way, until we find ourselves beginning to fly upwards to the top of it. Being unlimited in these realms and able to leave the ground whenever we wish, we’ve begun flying toward the top of the rainbow where we’re going to perch ourselves and bless our Earth.

We don’t need “skittles” to sit on this rainbow, (1), as we possess the pure power within to visualize and happily perch ourselves on it.

Visualize what our landscape looks like from up above as we fly higher and higher. Is it a little disconcerting to be so far up in the air looking down? Luckily, our etheric bodies cannot be hurt and we’re able to perform any feat safely in these realms.

As we reach the top of the rainbow, find a seat on the beautiful transparent, colored light and visualize the rest of our subscriber group following suit. Notice that the top of this rainbow is actually so big that we could hold a football game on it.

My aim was for us to perch ourselves on top of this rainbow, but my personal perception of it sees us nearly existing inside of it because of its large width. The top of our rainbow is much bigger and wider than I’d personally anticipated, but nevertheless, you can take a seat if you’d like. To be honest, you could sit/float in midair if you wanted to.

Take a few moments to sharpen your visualization of our rainbow setting further, and when you’re ready, we’re going to visualize a portal of sorts appearing before us and readying to show us a scene. Rather than traveling through this portal as we have in the past, we’re going to be shown another setting from our rainbow via the portal opening up (which we’ve also done in the past).

Notice the broken down-looking city the portal starts to show us. Pollution, poverty and corruption run rampant in this city, and the few remain ahead while the many are kept in poor states of living here.

Specifically, notice that we’re being shown a hospital in this broken down city. As our scene zooms in on the hospital setting, we find ourselves viewing a doctor filling out a prescription for one of his patients. Visualize and “learn” that the doctor previously had the choice between endorsing two different medications for illnesses related to his patient’s.

One is a natural vitamin designed to be taken with exercise and proper eating habits that has no adverse health effects, and the other is a pill designed by a pharmaceutical company that used legal loopholes to slip their product onto the market despite its many adverse health effects.

The biggest difference between the respective medications is that the vitamin company didn’t send a rep to the doctor. (Note: a “rep” is someone who essentially lobbies well-known doctors to use their company’s products.)

The pharmaceutical company did, and because of the bribes and free vacations they gave the doctor, he routinely prescribes their product to his patients without a second thought. The adverse health effects of the product are numerous, and in a few years he’ll find himself treating the same patients for different reasons derived from using it.

Without fully realizing it, the doctor is prescribing poison to his patients in so many ways, and allowing himself to be corrupted by pharmaceutical lobbyists has equated to letting many of his patients down.

As we view this scene from our harmonious rainbow setting, we’re going to ready ourselves to give our blessings as we have so many times in the past. The unique thing about our blessings this week is that we’re going to pull energy out of the rainbow we’re perched on, and funnel it through to bless the scene we’re representing.

We’re essentially going to act as conduits for this rainbow energy.

Visualize and affirm that energy from within the sacred transparent colors of this rainbow come up from their domain and funnel themselves through your etheric temple. Watch as this energy literally flows out from within our rainbow, like water flowing into a stream from a river, and brings itself through our temples, purifying and blessing our chakras as it does so.

We’re receiving blessings and being upgraded by this energy, and beyond our affirmation and visualization that it come through us it takes no effort for it to come through and funnel itself on down to the doctor in the scene we’re viewing and his patients.

Visualize this energy gently and gracefully flowing through you as it travels to its ultimate destination, and watch as it reaches and purifies the doctor, his patients and the broken-down city in general.

What effect does this energy have as it blesses the scene we’ve been viewing? Is the scene awash in light or rainbow color, or does very little seem to happen? Personally, I watched as the rainbow energy swirled around our scene for a moment in a specific formation, before almost striking the scene and cleansing it powerfully.

I’ll leave the visualization of the after-effects of this rainbow blessing up to you, as I will your etheric adventures after this point. If you’d like, continue to exist in/on the top of our rainbow and perform as many blessings as you wish, or seek other exciting etheric travels and visualizations.

I conclude this exercise with the satisfaction of having perceived of something greater than I expected, and in future weeks, we’ll continue making efforts to perceive of the higher dimensions and give basic (or complex) and needed blessings for various different mechanisms keeping the lower vibrations going.

Our energy work continues to increase in potency as we begin performing it regularly, and soon enough, we’ll find ourselves working with the collective to mitigate and heal much of the physical pollution that’s held us and our planet back in physical states of poor health.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

(1)- The candy “Skittles” whose motto is “Taste the Rainbow” used to run a commercial of people sitting perched on a rainbow. Interestingly enough, the ad shows someone falling off of the rainbow after allowing himself to believe it doesn’t exist, as if it stopped being a reality for him.

Here’s a link to the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmXhCmVaQg

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