Wes Annac – Channels And Coming Together – 28 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229The awakening community as a whole is generally strong. We’ve been able to understand and expose the forces of corruption and tyranny, and we‘ve come to find expanded spiritual perceptions of the reality around us.

We’ve made significant progress and now stand at a pivotal moment in our establishing of a new paradigm in alignment with the ideals of all. Despite our progress, there seems to remain a stumbling block still in the way of achievement of our ultimate goals and ideals.

Something I think we should perhaps address is that, for the most part, we’ve remained divided into certain “camps” based on our respective beliefs and disbeliefs.

I’m not saying that various different awakened groups working independently to help bring about a new paradigm isn’t a good thing, but at some point it becomes essential for us to merge our respective groups.

In doing so, we can recognize and celebrate our differences in belief rather than allowing them to keep us apart, for we possess unprecedented power as an awakening collective to inform the world about the existence of the spiritual realms.

In my opinion, it’s important to recognize the work that still needs done despite the progress we’ve made up to this point.

There’s a lot of work left to be done indeed, and in this moment, one of the biggest aspects of that work is helping to forever break planetary division by acting as perfect examples and breaking the silent division amongst various awakened “camps”.

There are myriad flourishing awakening communities and our brimming presence on the internet is clear, but for the most part, it seems undeniable that different groups or camps haven’t yet found each other or have remained separated for other reasons.

It seems that one of the biggest reasons awakening groups remain separated and “do their own thing” independently is because of difference in belief, and this is, again, an issue we can no longer avoid addressing as a solid body of awakened individuals.

Addressing our difference in belief regarding various matters usually related to ascension, the higher dimensions or contemporary events will set us free from the silent division we’ve at times unknowingly instated and fed, in my opinion.

Because of the works I’m known to write or bring through, it’s likely clear which “viewpoint” I could represent.

With a smile on my face, I can say that I believe our world is being and has been visited and assisted by benevolent and spiritual extraterrestrials many times in the past, and that they’re still “around” communicating telepathically with anyone and everyone who chooses to open up to them.

Extended from this is the further belief that the Company of Heaven overall – Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seraphim, etc. are all actively focused on our evolution and on communicating with humanity and offering us guidance.

For me, the idea that one can’t and won’t open up to the spiritual Galactics or the Company of Heaven overall of one just can’t believe in the reality of such contact, helps drive this belief.

I and plenty of others believe that humanity possesses latent yet accessible greater abilities, such as telepathy, and that we’re able to use these abilities to communicate with very real individuals and collectives comprising the higher dimensions. If this idea is just too unbelievable or inaccessible to you, then the Galactics and the CoH overall have no desire to overwhelm you with its reality.

However, if you can consider the idea of even the existence of spiritual realms beyond humanity’s physical understanding, much less the idea that you possess and can access the aforementioned abilities and practice them, you could very well open up to a genuine connection and experience endless validations of everything discussed in channeled messages that seems fictional.

If you can open up to the possibility of a complete other paradigm in existence right along with the dense and limited one we exist in, you can come to experience unprecedented personal validations. You may be thought of as naïve or as if you’re chasing a silly fantasy even by fellow spiritual seekers in different “camps” of belief, but none of that will matter in the face of the personal validations you’ll receive.

In my opinion, the paradigm of not allowing for the beliefs of another needs to be broken in the awakening public especially. If we out of anyone don’t lead by example and unite, how can we expect whole countries, races and religions to?

It’s been said that we each possess incredible power and energy that affects the collective in every moment. I think that even if we do so without realizing it, to continue to feed or be complacent to division amongst our own awakened ranks is to allow our powerful vibration to feed instated division in the collective.

Various individuals and groups have been doing much important and needed work for humanity, and I should point out that there are others working very actively to bring Lightworkers together and join our efforts.

These individuals certainly deserve credit where credit is due, and I’m not the first person to bring forth the idea of bringing awakening camps together.

Speaking for myself as a channel and speaking for what I’ve experienced in the avenue of personal validation, I’ll soon be presenting writings designed to help break the hype, sensation and stereotype surrounding channeled messages and the assistance being given by Galactics and the Company of Heaven overall.

Personally, I don’t seek to defend channels because I’ve latched onto some “trend”.

Rather, opening up to and channeling various individuals and collectives comprising the Company of Heaven has changed my Life and helped me awaken to the spiritual realms in every way, and my goal is to help as many people become aware of and find a connection similar to what I’ve found, as possible.

In that avenue, I’d like to do my part to help inform others about channeling and the CoH in as level-headed and understandable of a manner as possible. I’m ready to step up to the plate and do all I can to help the common, discerning individual understand the reality of channeling and the Galactics’ existence.

Expect in the near future, much discussion concerning channels and the Company of Heaven coming from me, because I aim to do my part in bringing us all together by presenting what I know and can feel within.

Speaking from the heart, I can say that everybody deserves to feel the brimming impressions given from higher-dimensional entities. As we bring our various awakened camps together and become the prototype for a flourishing unity-based movement, so will the rest of the world be inspired by our unity to establish widespread harmony amongst all.

Wes Annac – Ready and willing to join with you and build our new paradigm.

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