Bill Ballard – Sensing A Calming In The Energies – Moving Into Wholeness Of Self – 29 August 2013

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There has been an energetic shift in my field since the 8/25 Cosmic Merkaba Alignment. Integration is what I sense and it has brought much calmness within my own energies. It is like the LIGHT Foundations of New Earth have been laid, although the structure will be built as we go, by all the inputs we each add to the design…

I am so very thankful for the energies leveling out within my field. This integration has brought a shift and purity, at least as this present time, I feel that the Gatekeepers will be feeling to calm the energies of the collective in these next months. It was like we had to go into these energies to anchor them as a new and very large wave of persons wake up to what is going on globally and begin their own ascension process.

I have stated many times before that there is usually a geopolitical awakening that leads one later into their TRUE spiritual awakening (not religious) which begins their individual ascension process… It is a process.

For me, I am thankful to feel the floating and gravity free sensation I am experiencing now as the energies this past month and really year(s) was so very intense… It’s nice to have a break and vacation time for a while… Will it last long? I certainly don’t know… It’s all new to me!

This is Daniella’s newest vid I refer to in this video.
Sandra Walter’s message to me says she will do an update of her experience as she is integrating it more. She has come off Mt Shasta for a few days.

Bill Ballard
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