MiltonUllaDullaTimes – Neighbours Voice Their Concerns – 29 August 2013

Milton Ulla Dulla Times

CONCERN that a proposed new-age commune could change the face of the village is growing among Lake Conjola residents.

Joe and Vanessa Bragg hope to create an eco-village on their property, but it is the couple’s link to a network of extremist new world organisations that have residents up in arms.

One resident told the Times they were concerned the family was attempting to use an American-based One People claim to avoid their mortgage repayments.

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( Lucas : Oh this is fun! People get scared about people wanting to make a difference, who reported this…. the mainstream controlled media…. of course! Now people get called extremist without any reason and another bunch of insinuations!!  The real news will come when people see it and search for it outside the mainstream. The real truth by mainstream? No way!…..Wake up!) link to original article

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