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We must never stop reaching for what we want. We have everything available to us to live our lives exactly as we want them to be, so never stop reaching for the next thing you choose to be or do. What you can create in your mind can be yours if you strive for it and believe in it. Just like wishing for a peaceful world. We can create it with our minds and hearts and intentions. We were created by source where nothing is ever lacking therefore we are never lacking except in our own minds. Reach high and think big, it is all there for the taking if we desire. Too many forget to keep reaching and dreaming or else they have just plain given up. What you must realize is that no, you won’t get to live your dreams in the 3D drama of the darklands. You must wiggle free of the illusion and free yourself before you can begin to manifest your dreams, unless of course you dream of war and death and destruction.

Fear is given birth in an environment where there is no hope or dreams or security in who we are. Break free of that fog that envelops the darklands and everything becomes possible in minds who are willing to believe. Fear comes from feeling hopeless about a situation, that things will not ever change or will get worse. Hope springs out of trusting and believing and knowing that things don’t have to be a certain way, that we are able, at any given moment, to change our situations for the better. The illusion is what keeps us trapped into believing there is no way out, that we are victim and prey to whatever we find our self lost in. Break free of the illusion and the possibilities are endless and can always be ours.

The greatest minds in our history knew this and never allowed themselves to think they had reached their limits. Their brilliant minds are no different from yours or mine, they just chose to keep reaching and never give up. They knew and believed in what they knew and never looked back or doubted or questioned. This new world we are creating has no limits if we choose to believe that. There is no possibility for failure in a mind where belief and trust reside and intention is the quiet voice that spurs on the determination. So keep reaching for everything you desire, either for yourself or for others or the whole of humanity. This is what will build our creations and there is nothing that can silence the building of a dream except doubt and lack of determination, so go for it.

Find the courage to face the truth of reality, take it in, process it and then let it float away as it is no longer important in your new world. Only truth and love and compassion matter for they are the cornerstones of what we are building. If they are the foundation of your dreams then you cannot fail to achieve what you long for. If our love and compassion allows us to care deeply for all other living beings, whether man or beast or the planet on which we live, then we are able to give support to one another and be the strength we need to reach higher. Together as one there is nothing we cannot do or become given the love and caring of source backing us and shining the light for us to see by.

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