Obama To Seek Congressional Approval to Strike Syria… But Says Has Authority To Act Alone…

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : The UN inspection team this evening was landing in The Netherlands to get their stuff to several labs, the building tension lowered as Obama now is calling for approval to strike…. strange …. Did we the full 100% evidence that Assad and his army where behind the strike…. nope … )

Obama to Seek Congressional Backing for Syria Strike

President Says He Is Prepared to Order Military Action, but Wants Support First From Lawmakers

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama said Saturday he is prepared to take military action if necessary against Syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people, but said he will seek authorization from Congress before moving forward.


Obama said he had made the decision that military action was justified by U.S. intelligence showing the use of chemical weapons.

He also said he had the authority under his executive powers to launch an attack, but argued seeking the blessing of Capitol Hill was a better route.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/319787-obama-to-make-rose-garden-statement-on-syria#ixzz2da6zL3Ll

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