Sophia Love – Off World Update – 31 August 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update August 31st, 2013

Hi there.

I’ve heard that the UK pulled out of the plans to invade Syria and take that as good news.

I also saw this today:

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The news that both light and darkworkers are one and the same is everywhere now. Here is one place:

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Also good news.

I hope this finds you well.
Much love,

Good day Sophia!

These are good news. UK prime minister is with the illuminati, so he is of course trying to bring that old plan to life, and as You can see U.S. government is saying that “intervention is necessary for the United States best interests” this means that if they will fail to change “regime” in Syria they will have a very, very big problems.

People around the world and in America are ready to stand up against war even if it will mean riots and revolution. U.S. government is not listening to it’s People, it just doing how it wants to do things, most of Americans do not wish any war. And on top of that People of the world wish transparency and ultimate true to be revealed, so this is approaching to conclusion. It is like You humanity wanted, they are falling with a big crack and everything hidden is becoming visible.

Something about NSA that I mentioned earlier. The NSA is being used as a communications tracking agency and as a proxy telecommunications dish. Within their closed network 13 steps of illuminati are communicating with each other on a very rare occasions, so to not raise suspicions. There they directed the plan for global domination behind curtains.

I know that comet ISON is just “a comet”. But it is indeed significant, this object is a blue star that was prophesied by hopi indians.

The truth about controlled duality system is like it, they are both from same team, they indeed created some religions, but most of the cults and new age movements were made up by humans. I need to add that only some of these beings are feeding on humanity’s energy and suffering, and are trying to possess the human body – the reptilians and interdimmensional travelers, called demons, ethereal beings that afraid of the Sun and any other form of Light, the photons and gamma rays are deadly for them, so they lurking in the dark and love isolated places. The rest of Galactic Federation of Light are directing humanity toward Light.

I need to remind You, You are free to believe in what You wish to believe, if You think all that I’m saying is false, believe in what is most closer to Your heart.
The ending is very close and You All can feel it!
Much Peace and Prosperity to You All!

(From Sophia ~ Hopi Prophecy and Comet Ison) link to original article

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