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I have owl medicine which stands to reason since I watch everything going on around me very carefully. It is good to pay attention to the life you are living, always knowing what you are up against so you know how to handle things. It is the uninformed soul that gets caught off guard and is slammed upside the head. Me personally, I would rather know than not. I was never one for denial. Of course when the truth presented itself to me back in 1996 it was like an atom bomb going off in my life. It sent me into a catatonic state for three days where I stumbled around my house unable to do much but breathe(barely) and shake my head for clarity. Learning the truth of the world can be quite shocking indeed but once you get past the initial explosion, truth begins to settle into your bones and now you know you are in it for the long haul. The vital key for maneuvering through this mine field and making it out in one piece is having the ability to release the knowledge you take in so you don’t walk around with it and stew about it! You have to learn to be able to take in fresh news, process it and then release it from your consciousness. It’s in there in your brain should you need to pull out the information at a later date, but it is not dwelling in your consciousness to weigh you down.

If you were suddenly sent onto the front lines of a new war, would you not want to know who the enemy was and what their plans were? It is the same thing with life in general. Knowledge is power when and only when you know how to work with it, otherwise it can take you down. For a long time before I was able to release stuff, I always used to say I wished I didn’t know so much. It was overwhelming. All that knowledge unchecked threw me into a doom filled whirlpool where I nearly drowned in hopelessness. You cannot stay stuck holding all the info so you keep reviewing it over and over ad nauseam. That will be your great undoing!

So how do you release it? By living in your heart where forgiveness resides. You may learn terrible things that are being done but just tuck that knowledge away so you can use it to your benefit and then forget about it. Know that despite all the bad being done, there is also a good side who is working overtime to undo the evil being unleashed upon humanity. We are not completely at their mercy. We also must learn we have our own powerful weapon called our thoughts. We can do miraculous things with our minds if we just use our intentions correctly. We are NOT helpless victims so don’t even allow yourselves to go into that mindset! We are powerful beings and many are working behind the scenes to save humanity.

So pay attention to life as you move into it rather than just allowing it to blow by you. Become an integral part of it on every level. Wake up and use the information to your advantage rather than letting it bring you down. Life is grand in countless ways if you choose to see it that way. It’s all in the mind and how you choose to think. So think positively and with caring for all others. If you live from your heart and care about others, life will give back to you in wondrous ways. Regardless of what is going on around you in the world, your life will be good and love will prevail.

Blessings to us all,

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