Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Glory Road – 3 September 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

The good news today is that you are on an adventure called life. You are on an adventure that there has never been one like it before. Whatever you are seeking, something will come of it, and then, you will be on another adventure. Adventurers, once they reach the top of a mountain, they find another adventure to embark on. This is how it is with adventurers. They don’t stay still.

Adventurers are explorers. You are an explorer seeking new lands. No explorer ever retires, for life keeps pulling all explorers forward into unknown lands. Even when life seems to stay still, it is gearing up to something else. It does not seem to be possible to stay in straight lines on Earth.

We could say that life is like an escalator, only escalators have an established route. You get on, and you get off. But the adventure called life, you are always riding on it, and always going in the same direction which is straight to Me. It may not seem like a straight journey, yet life is a journey that takes you to your destination. Smooth or rocky, your life adventure takes you to Me. I am your destination. You can know your destination ahead of time.

How you get all the way to Me is like a wavy line, and no one knows a map of it. You are definitely traveling unknown roads. Everyone has a unique path to Me, and, yet, always, the destination is the same. And so is it with life.

We could call life a motor car. The motor car of life knows what it is doing and how to get you Home. The motor car of life knows every turn of the road. You don’t, and, yet you have to go along. You pass through hill and dale. You go upstream and downstream, and, yet, it is a Glory Ride, full of surprises, a life unsurpassed. Whether your life is high drama with big ups and downs, or a life less dramatic, it has you in the palm of its hand. Rain or shine, your life has an impact on you, and that is what life is supposed to do. Whether you are in the torrents of life or in the calms, life carries you. Whether slow or fast, life passes swimmingly across the narrows or the wide Ocean.

Life may seem to alternate between picking you up and throwing you down. Nevertheless, life has you in its grip, and you have no choice but to go along, and go along you do. And this life, this guide of yours in life, hastens you along whether you like it or not. Life is quite neutral. You, however, have your own ideas, and what may be a great surprise may make you quake, and, yet, at the same time it may be making you awake.

No matter what you want and how you like it, it is like life throws you down a chute and you wind up where you find yourself. And just when you are getting comfortable, life throws you down another chute, and another. The bottom drops out of your life – or seems to, and, yet, you are always somewhere where there are treasures to find and food to eat and drink to drink and happiness to be found.

Life may deliver you peanut butter cookies, and now you find yourself devouring peanut butter cookies as never before. It is like you have turned the channel on TV, and you find you like a program that you never wanted to watch before. Now here it is in front of you.

Life may be your cup of tea, or it may not be, in which case, you come to get used to the tea, and, then, soon enough, life picks you up and you find yourself drinking a new tea and, whether the new tea is something you ordered or not, you find yourself saying, “Ah, this tea is good.” link to original article

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