Lisa Gawlas – The Tree Of Life And The Spark Of Life – 3 September 2013

lisagawlas2I have been wanting to write about something for the past month or so, I just wasn’t sure how to tie it all in with what we are currently experiencing now, but yet, it hung there in the forefront of my mind…. waiting.  Waiting, I suppose, for today.

In January 2001, I quite my job and invested every single moment of my day into mySelf.  Meditating 4-5 times a day for two hour intervals at a time.  I didn’t understand half of what I was experiencing and actually, didn’t really care.  All I knew, were there were people, Beings that only I could see while emerged in my bathtub that loved me unconditionally.  I would have done anything, gone anywhere to feel loved, truly loved without any judgement.  So when my Pleiadian friends started to show up, I felt like I reached some sort of heaven within myself.  Their understanding of love and non-judgement was, well… humbling and awe inspiring.  Their fluid interactions within my internal world of meditation allowed me to go and experience life beyond the earth realm.  There is an image, and experience that they showed me that has stayed with over the last 12 years.  What they showed me seemed to be in complete contrast to who they were and what I was understanding about the Pleiadian planet (back then, I had no idea there was actually 7 planets that made up the Pleiades.)

I had asked if I could visit their planet to see what it looked like.  They obliged and took me to this area that looked dead.  No grass, no life at all except what looked like a very dead tree.  Most of the branches on this tree were broken, the bark of the tree black as if in decay the whole scene was actually quite depressing.  I was so surprised to see such barrenness within a group of people that were so alive in love. It just didn’t make any sense to me, which is probably why I never forgot that experience and imagery.

It was a long time before I realized that what they showed me in that little space of experience was MY TREE and my reflection of my life on earth.  Emotionally, I was not ready or able to accept that dead looking tree as a reflection of my own energy of Love and Life, I would have judged it and myself harshly.  So they allowed me to capture the memory until I matured emotionally.  Like I said… a long time later, down an even longer road of Self understanding.

In September 2001, during a 4 day hypnosis class to become certified in Life Between Life regression, one of our facilitators took the entire class on a meditation journey to meet with our guides and to bring back a symbol that would represent something in our lives.

Five of my guides showed up, including my bud Franklyn from the Pleiades.  They showed up in an outdoor scene with a large tree to my right, but only half visible as if the other half didn’t make it onto the canvas viewing area.  They were all seated at a round wooden table and I was on a picnic blanket between them and the tree.   I didn’t pay much attention to the fullness of the tree, in complete contrast to that poor deadish tree in my corner of the Pleiadian landscape, not when I have 5 powerhouses sitting like the knights of the round-table sharing with me.

The symbol they shared with me thru that hypnosis session is more powerful, more relevant to me today than it ever has been thru the last 12 years.  An amazing and talented artist in Israel, whose name I have (sadly) long forgotten, painted this symbol into Life:

monument of life

I am so sorry it is so blurry, it was the only image I could find of it and it was tinier than it is here.  The symbol my five knights of the round-table gave to me was the top part, with the spiral and the sun and the heart.  The rest was added after the fact and we named it “The Monument of Life.”  Little did I know just how relevant that name is.

When I was given this symbol I understood it was the constant flow of life, the sun representing god or source (back then, I was still picking the catholic out of my consciousness) the spiral the constant flow of god to the heart of life.

It really did comfort me thru the years.

More than a decade would pass before the tree of life would become relevant again.  2012.  The passing of one age to another.

The readings last year started to center around the tree of life and the tree of wisdom.  Intensely so.   And as the universe so lovingly does, there was equally an artist, a creator within my midst who quite skilfully created various versions of the tree of wisdom as a pendant.

In my world of understanding, the first fruit on earth was the apple tree.  So when I see apple tree’s in readings or even in meditation, they are always representing the wisdom that has grown into the fruit of our lives.  She created (and still offers) an amazing pendant for me to wear, an apple tree made of peridot (my birthstone) with garnet apples, 5 apples to be exact and 5 silver roots from the tree of wisdom.  Five is the number of change, but until this morning, it suddenly has so much more meaning than even that.

The symbology of a tree is really quite remarkable. It can symbolize resurrection as the tree appears to die in Winter, yet undergoes a rebirthing process when new leaves sprout each Spring. The fruit or seeds of a tree, containing the essence of the tree, assures its continuous regeneration and is a potent symbol of immortality. With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it can also be considered a link between heaven and earth.

During this time in my wonderful and whacky world, that precious blue eyed man arrived at my front door and well… things took a turn for larger understandings.  Just in front of the tree that literally lives in my back yard, a new energetic tree started to emerge.  A tree that started to become The Tree of Life itself.  I spent months watching it grow, enlarge, start to form various dots of energy thru out itself.

Sun and earth, silver and gold, above and below (and so much more) all make up the tree of life itself.

However,  like so many flipping things in my ongoing spiritual understandings, that tree of life went into the back ground as new understandings started to present themselves thru readings, to the point, I stopped talking about it or even looking at it any longer.  I was off to other things to process.  That is, until just before the gathering here.

Suddenly that tree was straight back into my consciousness, the evolution of its growth since I last seen it (last year) was humbling, vibrant, and curiously exciting.  As if in perfect timing with my own soul evolution, the creator of the apple tree pendant I still wear, suddenly and unexpectedly sent me a birthday present representing the tree of life, in time to wear for the gathering.  I was humbled and oddly excited since I told no one at all that I am seeing this tree of life again… suddenly and out of the blue (spirit is good like that.)

This Tree of Life depicts solar/soular/Divine Masculine energies united/melding with earth/physical/Divine Feminine energies to create a Holy Union between Spirit and Human.

The vibration from this pendant was extraordinary.  I wore it all day Saturday, the full day of the gathering of drumming and eating and loving sharing together.  By the next morning, when I went to put that necklace back on, the entire gold chain (pictured above) was black.  I was puzzled…   This new creation of energy sat on my desk, near me, but not on me… yet.  I suddenly felt the need, the deep inner desire to start wearing my apple tree again.  I need the wisdom of creation, aspects missing in my consciousness to even understand the workings of the tree of life… of creation itself.

After my karmic debt to procrastination and the male species was cleared, the first man I connected to a few days ago, was sporting a flipping tree in his reading.  The reading after his, was his wife, who equally had a tree in her reading.  The only two people I have seen with any sort of tree symbol since last year… and the only two since as well.

Both of their tree’s looked like my first tree on the Pleiades, barren.  Suddenly, in these last few days the tree of wisdom and the tree of life became so relevant in my “processing” and my first lady in the field yesterday, brought it all together.  The long awaited puzzle piece!!  She was a virgin on the field yesterday, the first time I ever read for her and she stayed with me all day long in my processes and connections of the greater story/understanding at hand.

The Pleiades, the water energy, the fluid energy of Love in creation.  My tree was thirsting to death, so was my life, at that time.  My version of love had conditions, judgments, expectations and everything else I cannot think of mentioning.  There was nothing pure about the love that was my life.  My life, in those times, had many broken branches it’s wake.  Severed relationships that just ceased to exist over time.

Of course, beyond my earth scape, it equally represented my relationship I had with mySelf.  Broken and severely dehydrated.  9 months later and literally thousands of hours in my bath meditation, I never even realized how much I came to life.  Change my Life.  Grew real and lasting connections within my heart center.  I grew into unconditional love for mySelf.

In that hypnosis event, I had no fruit, but my tree was lush and thick and very much alive.  But half of it was hidden from my view… I still had a tremendous amount of work to do within and without.  Keep in mind, I am only understanding all of this, in its fullness…. NOW.  (Slow on the uptake as usual lol.)

Apples are fruit made manifest, for sharing, for nourishment.  You/We have the choice to be the fruit of the earth, wisdom made manifest in all we do.  When our lives reflect the fullness of the apple tree, we start to become the living energy of the tree of life.  Creator and creation as one living energy in what most will see as a human body.   Above and below living as one whole expression.

The true tree of life can only live thru the human heart.  Heaven on earth is not a place in the dirt, but a living energy system emitted from the heart of Life itself.

We must first purify the emotional system that is our life and live that.  Yes, some worms are gonna get into our fruit, but that’s a beautiful thing for all of us.  There is a nourishment and cooperation in learning the very things that eat at us.  To embrace the worms as the loving aspect of our creator energy is to start to become one with the wholeness that is the tree of life.

My first lady out in the field yesterday brought a sudden and unexpected energy to the field.  It was as if I was looking at the depth of the black sky that was now only about 15-20 feet above her ground.  This sky that represents time and space formed what I am just going to call a rip or tear and silver gold energy started to emit itself thru this rip in her sky.  I found the energy of the two quite interesting.  The silver energy was very much like you would see coming off a sparkler from the fourth of July.  Sparky and rapid and just pretty much coming in in straight lines.  The gold energy on the other hand was very very different.  It formed patterns, circles and spirals and other (unidentifiable) shapes to my viewing eye.  Her team simply called those shapes sacred geometry,

When I found her in the reading, she was standing in her deep center and much to my on going surprise (in her reading) next to her were two children.  These two children were to her left (physical life) and standing so close there was no separation between the three of them.  This is the first time in months any person has showed up in their reading with other people connected to them.

She, nor her children, were in biology form, instead, they looked like an energy picture standing shoulder to shoulder together.  The primary energy hue was a deep gold with movements of silver now and again as I watched them.  This was so new I really didn’t fully understand what I was seeing.

Every moment I wasn’t reading I was seeing once again her energy that started off our reading connection, from above, that image that looked like a rip in the fabric of time and space, silver and gold, sparky and geometric.

Suddenly I thought about my spider experience the day prior.  I seen it on me first, as a vision.  Then a feeling of wanting it off of me.  lol.  That feeling was the spark of creation itself.  Of producing an actual spider on my floor within minutes after having the visual… which could have appeared so random.

That FEELING of wanting the spider off my leg was so intense, sudden and strong and without thought… that a spider appeared on my floor.  I was shown this energy creation from many different angles thru the day, harnessed by my imagery from my first lady of the day.

As I pondered and asked many questions to mySelf, especially “why a freakin spider.”  I am not afraid of spiders, unless they are big, black and on my bare legs!! lol  If they are just on my floors or walls or ceiling, thats ok, I’m good and will work around that, but please, not on bare body parts!

That spark of energy was needed for the point I would learn the next day.

Going back that symbol of sun and heart with the spiral energy.  The energy of creation is constant.  The fluidness of the heart, the energy of the sun, the spiraling energy system of creation.  Soul and body, together as one living expression.

My soul not only told me how much it loved that spider, but shared the feeling of love, of deep inner reverence it had for the spider that became form on my floor.

I was then shown something that really made me sit up and just say… holy shit, how am I just seeing this NOW?

If you can image a fuse that leads to a stick of dynamite… that fuse is completely unbiased in what is happening.  It is simply moving energy to a very specific point.  That energy is not worrying about the fact that once it hits the dynamite an explosion will occur, it is simply following a stream of energy to an unbiased outcome of experience.

If we can now go back to my ladies opening, silver sparks, golden geometric shapes.  Sacred geometry is what creates all life.  The human in the experience is what gives it value.  Good, bad, hard, easy, excited, depressing.

But for any aspect of creation to happen, there must be an energy charge.  For my experience, that charge came in the form of a vision… the fuse was lit when I sat up and tried to get the imaginary spider off my leg.  Between my brains realization that there was no spider and my effort/emotional charge, to get it off, created the spider on my floor, a breathable distance from me.

The silver energy becomes a super important process in our creation.  It is only the human itself that see’s anything as a polarization.  In which case, until we free ourselves from the polarity of our memory… The silver energy is the outcome, what we give it from our energy field as potential.  (I pray I am explaining this clearly.)

The harnessed energy in the human that was in my field was swatting that spider off my leg.  So of course it manifested on my floor, with a missing leg even…

I processed this up and down and in and out, always in relationship to the spider experience the night before.  I finally took a shower about 6pm… spiders still very much on my brain.  I decided to vacuum my walls and ceiling (daddy long legs love my bathroom) before getting into the shower.  I vacuumed every inch and every crevice before getting into the shower.  Doncha know I about shit when a tennis ball sized spider scurried across my wall.    He went from not there to now there in a blink.

I took the quickest shower ever without ever taking my eyes off him.  The moment I opned the bathroom door, he scurried out into the living room.  If that wasn’t enough, suddenly a second spider just showed up near the light switch, and like that big ass spider, it was not there a moment prior:

spider invasion

The fuse of creation has been lit… and this crazy girl named Lisa is knee deep in polarity of creation.  My outcome is now fear.  It didn’t start out as that from the soul level, instead, my soul lit the fuse for me to experience creation in any way I so desired…. and I keep creating freakin spiders.

I have always learned best by experiencing what I don’t want first.  I Am the polarization of my own reality.  Duality only exists thru me (and you) and the more we align with that, the more we create that.

So now… its time to put that much energy into Jorge.  But that is tomorrows sharing… my day is long over due.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of, well, everything and anything under the sun!!

Lisa Gawlas

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