Lucas – Unity – Course Is Set – The Last Push And Shove – Your Inner Lighthouse – 3 September 2013

320px-Lighthouse_in_fogAn armada of ships is sailing on the oceans but no one sees the promised land as the fog does not allow that.  Still they all are convinced to be alone on the seas of their truth. They have the power over all and are invincible. The ships even occasionally bump into each other and have a skirmish or battle.  Still they think to be alone on the seas and to be the ones that will be having it their way.

The last push and shove is taking place now. Not only on a personal level your needing to integrate and let go of your polarities also on macro level it does. Your old duality bits need to be flushed down into oblivion. It is shown  in your vivid and lucid  dreams, the feelings and emotions popping up, it all is that what just is still circling around the neutral zone and needs to be landed their.  Physical troubles, aches, pains of all sorts and seeing things in your surroundings clear or still battle it is that what is going on now.

We will take our seat in the neutrality zone back.  It is there where peace and harmony and unity is found in a non-duality and conflictless space.  The ships sailing as a metaphor for us and them on micro and macro level will all strand on that same shore of the new promised land so to say where unity is found in all.  The mist will blow away and we will see there is no us and them anymore just One People.

It is difficult with all that is happening to see that source has a plan that will be a surprise  to us all. It is a surprise as it does not have the individual or group expectations at its core but it is that what all of us want to be for  the good of all.  That is why all even now seeing it as a battle will come to the same shore in the end to land and strand forever in a new paradigm that is for all of us.

Whatever you do your course is set and the sailing will bring you spiralling down towards the middle. It is to be so. Keep centered to get without too much suffering damage your ship steered on the foggy seas. Listen to the mist horn and feel inside what is your course. Your heart will know and tell you. No angst nor fear can blow your ship in the end out of course as it always will find back into the middle. Like the stop of a bath is pulled out, you feel the being dragged into the middle.

Your inner light, your heart, is connected to source and will always guide you. It is your lighthouse in the fog to signal you through safely. Trust it.

Love and light, you are on course even if you do not know it yet!


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