Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Holy Land – 4 September 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

This is a time of great glad rejoicing, for this is the day of your debut into the world of light and light-heartedness. That which was once so serious is not so serious any longer. The whole extant world is not so serious as it once seemed, for you are now balancing your conscious time in terms of the two worlds, less to the world at large and more to the world often referred to as beyond the veil.

This other world, the world of Heaven, has gained equal time with the world. Both are beautiful. Both are heavenly, yet the one, the world of the concrete, comes with a price tag and payment of one kind or another while the Heaven world comes with no price, no tax, no penalty and requires no admission price.

The balancing of the two worlds puts you in a position of what We will call equanimity. Both are wonderful. Both are beyond compare. Both are beautiful evidence of all that is, and one, the World of Heaven, comes without tears, comes as it is, wonderful indeed, the peace known as Heaven, known as Paradise, known deep in the heart with all its powers.

The World of Earth comes with every denomination possible, every contrast, every up and down, and you love it, no matter how it portrays itself. Both are your worlds in your hands, in your hearts, in your foreverness, even as one is changing ostensibly before your very eyes, and the other, the reflection of your heart, your soul, full of the obvious – God, Love, Purity, Wholesomeness, and the oft-touted Wholeness of which all is made and made from for the enjoyment of All.

The Love entwined in both worlds becomes outstanding in its light. Love is portrayed. Love is upheld. Love stars. All is welded in love, melded in love, dwelled in love, and there is embrace, embrace of the Vastness.

The world of the extant is no less sweet than the Heaven world, for, as example, there lives the Oneness of One World. What else can live in Oneness but Oneness? The two worlds not only take place as Oneness, they are Oneness shining before all who can see, and everyone can see. No longer is there duplicity or one substitute for another. What can possibly substitute for anything in Eternity?

In Oneness, the two considered as One are simply One, purely One, purified by Love. The seeming two counterparts play each other, and who on Earth can tell which is which, for, wherever you may be – the One of Us may be – We are One, that is, I, God am One Holy One immortalized and emblemized as the Holy of the Holies. Oneness reigns, and what is the difference, and who can tell?

Both are Elysian Fields, and you roam, and you play, and never is heard a discouraging word, for Oneness, the Only Oneness, has declared itself the Unity of Life. Who would question? Who has anything to question, and why would anyone, and for what reason? Who would declare himself sovereign when there is no other to reign over, when Independence has been declared, and everyone is Self-Realized, realizes himself as he is in the Heart of God’s Light and God’s Truth which is the Wholeness of Life which is to say, the Holiness of All Life.

I, God, declare you Holy, and so declared, you claim yourself in the Holy Land, the Holy Land being Earth where peace and only peace reign and Love penetrates everywhere, there being nothing but love and God Almighty. /link to original article

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