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Gold Drops With Oil As US & Russia Argue Over Syria Ahead Of G20 – 4 September 2013

InvestmentWatchLondon Gold Market Report

from Adrian Ash, BullionVault

Weds 4 Sept 09:15 EST

Gold Drops with Oil as US & Russia Argue Over Syria Ahead of G20

WHOLESALE GOLD fell back below $1400 per ounce for the third day running Wednesday lunchtime in London, dropping to $1393 and trading 1.7% below yesterday’s high as crude oil and world stock markets both fell 0.5%. Continue reading

TheAustralian – Troy Bramstron – What’s Labor Got To Lose? Strategists Say Admit Defeat To Save Seats – 4 September 2013

The Australian

SENIOR Labor strategists believe the party should acknowledge it has lost the election, in the hope it will spark a final 48-hour surge in support that could help stave off defeat in several tight marginal seats.

The strategic shift in message would run counter to Kevin Rudd’s claim he is the “comeback kid” and could win an unwinnable election, just as Paul Keating did in 1993.

Read the whole story at www.theaustralian.com.au / link to original article

Phys.org – New Groundbreaking Research May Expose New Aspects Of The Universe – 4 September 2013


No one knows for sure, but it is not unlikely that the universe is constructed in a completely different way than the usual theories and models of today predict. The most widely used model today cannot explain everything in the universe, and therefore there is a need to explore the parts of nature which the model cannot explain. This research field is called new physics, and it turns our understanding of the universe upside down. New research now makes the search for new physics easier.

“New is about searching for unknown not known from the current of the . Such phenomena are inherently very difficult to detect,” explains PhD student Matin Mojaza from CP3-Origins.

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Max Igan Speaks With Robert Stanley – 4 September 2013

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CommonDreams – Americans Don’t Want War As Obama, Congress Push For War – 4 September 2013

common-dreamsLatest poll show numbers show consistency of US public’s resistance to military attack on Syria

– Jon Queally, staff writer
As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote for a war authorization that would allow for three months of a U.S. bombing campaign against Syria, new poll numbers show that the American public simply doesn’t want to wage war against Syria. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Joe Weisenthal – Here’s Goldman’s Take On The Flurry Of Events About To Happen In Washington DC – 4 September 2013

businessInsiderGoldman economist Alec Phillips weighs in on the big, upcoming events in Washington DC (Syria, debt limit, budget, Fed nomination).

This is a useful approximation for how Wall Street expects a very chaotic coming month to go:

Visionkeeper – We Are On Our Way Home – 4 September 2013


Homeward Bound(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

Oh my yes, we are on our way home, in flight to the new world. One cannot ignore the rush of energetic emotions that are pulsing through the universe at this time. They are beckoning us home to our hearts and to the new world of love and compassion. We will no longer need to grovel for validation for we will be securely anchored in our oneness to all. The divisions that have driven us far apart are breaking down and we are finally feeling closer connections to each and every being whether human or animal as never before. We are learning to be accepted just as we are for who we are and are finally able to begin relaxing into ourselves and breathe out a sigh of relief in knowing we are going home. The days of proving our worth within the confines of mindless slavery are drawing to a close. It must first happen within ourselves and ripple out to those around us. The ripples are carrying us along as the sun upgrades us, setting the shift in full motion. Continue reading