Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Begin Somewhere – 5 September 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Sometimes you are involved with so many things that you are driven to distraction. You are everywhere all at once in many different directions when all anyone can do is one thing at a time. It is not possible to focus on everything. When you focus on so many things, you are not focusing. That is exactly what it means – to be driven to distraction.
Now is when you consolidate yourself. Perhaps everything is important to you. At the same time, when everything is important to you, you still have to start somewhere.

Let’s say you have ten things to get done right now. It doesn’t matter what they are. What matters is getting them done. You want them done and off your mind. Then you have ten fewer things to do.

You may be someone who doesn’t like to plod. Certainly, you are not someone who likes to plod, for, if you did, these ten items would already be taken care of! You may be someone who likes to be inspired. Inspire yourself then to get the ten things done! No longer can you be scattered like a deck of cards.

Let’s reduce this to the simplest. Let’s say you have ten events to go to, and you have dresses to choose from for each event. Which dress will you wear to the first event and so on. Which dress for which event doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can’t keep trying on each dress and decide and re-decide which one has to be the first one you wear. Simply choose, and be done. This is not the task of a century. This is not the meaning of your life. There is no weighty decision here. Ten little decisions to make. Make them.

When it comes to details before you, you don’t even have to figure out which one holds the greatest priority and which holds the least. This is not something to debate. Just grab one, do it first, and be done. Grab another and keep going. When you don’t debate and make a big deal of ten little actions, they will be done. Your priority, beloveds, is to get them done without any flurry. In the time you debate, they would already be done. Be debateless. Nothing is really at stake except that you be done with them.

JUST DO IT. Whatever you have to, get it done!

We are speaking of detailed items, not writing a book! You are not meant to be a collector of items to do! Collect items to take care of, and they become heavy on you.

And, even if you are writing a book, you begin somewhere, and, then, it will be done. No one can do more than one step at a time.

Let’s say you have to write checks. You have the money in the bank. It doesn’t matter right now how many checks you have to write. It doesn’t matter right now if you like to write checks or not. It matters that you write the checks and get free from under the entanglement you put yourself in. It is you who pressures yourself. You don’t have to jumble things around. You don’t have to be perfect! You have to be done with whatever the task before you is.

Are you at the mercy of ten things that have to be done? It can’t be the items’ responsibility that they are not done. They are ready and waiting and may have been waiting a long time. You have been making them wait. It is the delay that drains your energy. It is the not doing them that drains you. The doing them is simple and easy. Not doing them is like having a meter running, and it adds up.

Look, life is like cleaning out the closet. If the closet is too crowded, you take some things out, and that’s it. No more stalemating, beloveds. / link to original article

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