Laura Bruno – Detroit Bankrupt? So What! “We Don’t Need No ‘Stinkin’ Government” – 5 September 2013

laura-of-the-rocksReblogged from Exopermaculture:

If Detroit is the canary in the mine, bellwether for the coming destruction and regeneration of cities, then things are decidedly looking up! This is a fascinating tale of what Detroit native Frank Joyce names as four different economies, their interaction within the background of systemic white racist politics and economics, and how they are all being fueled. Economy #4 is where it’s at, folks.

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Awesome article with preliminary commentary by Ann at Exopermaculture. I have been telling people this for many years: watch Detroit. It has LOTS of potential. Just as “terminal” cancer patients often get well when the toxic cancer industry finally gives up on them, Detroit is showing real signs of economic rebirth now that the toxic bankers and politicians have given up on the government there. I have friends who visited an urban farm there in August. They returned completely inspired and awed. If Detroit’s the canary in the coal mine, the US has much to learn and implement. A must-read article in Ann’s opinion. I agree.

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