Selacia – New Moon Heart Process – 5 September 2013

SelaciaNew Moon Heart Process
by Selacia   

The new moon on the 5th offers an expanded opportunity to get a fresh start in your life.

Relationships and conscious relating are the watchwords for your fresh start – whether you want more career success, more confidence expressing yourself, more harmony with others, or more financial abundance. You will have more of everything you want – including love – as you address how you relate to yourself, others, and the world.

This is especially true with this month’s new moon. These are intense times, to be sure. In this energy cycle, don’t be surprised if you feel tense, self-critical, or critical of others. It may be difficult to feel compassion when you are rocked to your core with uncertainty or simply wanting things to be different than they are.

Compassion, though, will be required to successfully navigate the windy path ahead. Compassion is generated within your own heart as you apply love to painful situations and feelings of powerlessness. It’s a quality that you develop over lifetimes, learning to reflect and pause before passing judgment and reacting. Right now, the world needs your compassion in order to shift into a higher vibrational way of being focused on the heart and love. You need it, too, for your own enlightenment.

Staying in Your Heart

The most important thing you can do this week is stay in your heart. That’s easier said than done, of course. Part of the dilemma is even knowing when you are truly in your heart, and then knowing what messages to pay attention to as you hear your heart speaking. It can be tricky, partly because you have both a wounded heart and an awakening heart. Your wounded heart will speak from your pain, potentially putting you in angry reaction mode or catalyzing your self-doubt or self-destructive tendencies. Your awakening heart will speak in present time, as an adult who is conscious and awake to life.

The heart intelligence process below will give you a useful tool for this week’s new moon.

Heart Intelligence Process for This Week’s New Moon

First, be sure to ground your energy. To be fully in your heart, you must be grounded in your body. One way to ground: stand up, feet flat on the floor, imagine that red energy comes up through your feet and into your body from the ground below, and stay with it for a minute or so to visualize the red energy circulating everywhere.

Second, center yourself in your heart with some deep breathing. Imagine your energy focused on your heart.

Third, if you have been feeling tense, anxious, angry, or any other negative emotion, with your mind set aside these feelings and become still. If you have been worried about something or if you have been over-thinking a situation, with your mind set aside those thoughts and become still. Breathe in and out a few times.

Fourth, pick a topic of concern and ask your heart to speak to you about solutions, alternative perspectives, and spirit’s view of things. Pause with a breath and be still to actively listen for your heart’s response.

Fifth, as you begin to receive input from your heart, check in to discern what part of your heart is speaking – is it the wounded heart or is it the awakening heart? Sometimes you could receive a response that is a combination of the two, so continue to question until you feel confident that what you are hearing is your awakening heart. Remember to ask questions if something is unclear.

Sixth, when complete with the communication, write down what you received. This will help you to reflect more later on, receiving even more helpful wisdom.

Seventh, consider putting your heart communications by your bed to reflect on ahead of sleep. Then pay attention to new insights you receive over the coming days.

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