Sophia Love – An Off World Conversation Update – 5 September 2013

Sophia Love Update August 31st, 2013  and September 3, 2013 and September 4, 2013

Hi there.

I’ve heard that the UK pulled out of the plans to invade Syria and take that as good news.

I also saw this today:

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The news that both light and darkworkers are one and the same is everywhere now. Here is one place:

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Also good news.

I hope this finds you well.
Much love,

Good day Sophia!

These are good news. UK prime minister is with the illuminati, so he is of course trying to bring that old plan to life, and as You can see U.S. government is saying that “intervention is necessary for the United States best interests” this means that if they will fail to change “regime” in Syria they will have a very, very big problems.

People around the world and in America are ready to stand up against war even if it will mean riots and revolution. U.S. government is not listening to it’s People, it just doing how it wants to do things, most of Americans do not wish any war. And on top of that People of the world wish transparency and ultimate true to be revealed, so this is approaching to conclusion. It is like You humanity wanted, they are falling with a big crack and everything hidden is becoming visible.

Something about NSA that I mentioned earlier. The NSA is being used as a communications tracking agency and as a proxy telecommunications dish. Within their closed network 13 steps of illuminati are communicating with each other on a very rare occasions, so to not raise suspicions. There they directed the plan for global domination behind curtains.

I know that comet ISON is just “a comet”. But it is indeed significant, this object is a blue star that was prophesied by hopi indians.

The truth about controlled duality system is like it, they are both from same team, they indeed created some religions, but most of the cults and new age movements were made up by humans. I need to add that only some of these beings are feeding on humanity’s energy and suffering, and are trying to possess the human body – the reptilians and interdimmensional travelers, called demons, ethereal beings that afraid of the Sun and any other form of Light, the photons and gamma rays are deadly for them, so they lurking in the dark and love isolated places. The rest of Galactic Federation of Light are directing humanity toward Light.

I need to remind You, You are free to believe in what You wish to believe, if You think all that I’m saying is false, believe in what is most closer to Your heart.
The ending is very close and You All can feel it!
Much Peace and Prosperity to You All!

(From Sophia ~ Hopi Prophecy and Comet Ison)

September 3, 2013

Thank you.

I just read this:

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Much love.

Well, this is Cobra’s understanding, before believing this, You must ask Your Inner Self about what is going to happen, what You will sense and feel is going to take place. It is always right. Your first thought is always the right one. Don’t listen to second or third or subsequent thoughts, doubts, like “no, it won’t like it will be like this”. The first thought is coming from One – Universal Consciousness, You own One within You.

I also need to tell You that illuminati order – the cabal are really afraid, because they will lose everything and will be completely exposed very soon, so because of this their excuse for an aggressive invasion is “clumsy” and not well-planned.

Another thing – ships that are larger than Earth are present here already considering comet ISON You asked me about.

Look here, Sophia:
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The last line is very emotional and this line can awaken many minds:
In a nearby parking lot, Amer Abed, a 27-year-old unemployed man who came from a Damascus suburb, was emptying the contents of the overflowing boot of an old Mercedes car into a van.

Weary women got out of the car, holding young, surprised-looking children in their arms.

“I want these US strikes to happen,” she said to several foreign journalists.

“You journalists, and the entire world, are watching our country go up in flames without doing anything. Hate has taken over our hearts.”

“I want these strikes because if Americans attack us and kill us once and for all, then maybe the Arabs will unite to defend us.” …

This music is for Your enjoyment, synchronicity and resonance,
Amethystium   Arcus
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Much Peace, Calm and Love to You!

Update September 4, 2013

It looks like the President of the US is ready to strike in Syria. I have heard several reports of Senators and Congressmen meeting with him and coming out saying they support the plan to strike, as soon as next week. I am not sure when the vote is exactly. Can you speak to this?


Yes, the attack is inevitable, they were able to convince main public of this invasion’s “necessity”. Unfortunately most agreed, most were immigrants, there is a strategy behind this constant flow of immigrants.

Senators are well chosen and all are with the illuminati’s order’s agenda and Congress, chose by the people most of the time, won’t do any good as well. Most of the Congressmen are unaware of illuminati’s ultimate agenda and they even don’t know about this order, if they will vote against it, they are risking their career.

It is that simple within this government. “If you are not with us, you are our enemy and unworthy” – the idea of order illuminati and freemasonry. You can see this in Syria, Bashar al Assad is not with the West on their agendas and never was and never will be, there is no tool of control – the central bank inside Syria. So Syria along with Iran are the first hand enemies of this order and NWO agenda.

The climax is again at 9/11. Coup may take place right after the beginning of this invasion, if people within army will find courage to do so. Many soldiers and people see this terrible corruption within governments of U.S., Britain and France, and coup will follow. If they will not make coup on Syria, they sure will, when Iran will be attacked.

Also intervention from Followers of Light is very possible, they showed their eagerness to intervene in case if this will turn into nuclear war.

Remember that for how hard it will look to overcome, it still will be overcomed. This was humanity’s choice. Use your thoughts of Peace and Love and Equality for all the planet Earth to overcome this and save many lives. The future depends on Us All, Lightworkers or Lightwarriors, Starseeds or Wanderers, Chrystal Beings, whatever You like to call Us All United. Our Collective Thoughts can change this world to how We would like to see it!

With Happiness, Peace and Freedom! link to original article

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