Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Dreams God May Have For You – 6 September 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

When you feel you are losing your zip, do two things:

Drink some water and take a walk in the fresh air.

This may be all you need. You don’t need a nap, and you don’t need coffee. You may simply need to drink some water and take a walk.

How simple life can be.

These days you are taking a fresh look at many things. You are looking yourself straight in the eye. No longer do you go the long way around. You take a direct path to sorting yourself out, finding out more about yourself. Then you can be done with appraisal, for a while until you face another step of inner revolution, or do I mean revelation? They are the same. When We speak of inner, they are the same.

Revolution is revolving. Revelation is revealing. Aren’t they the same? When applied to your inner self, aren’t they both a clearing, a change in scenery, a change in your view of what is really going on within you, inside you, the you baring yourself to the Sun, finding your fundamental self amidst all the debris you have taken on and now leave, and now you gain, gain a wider deeper perspective of the world within you, which, of course, is where your world really exists.

Life does seem to revolve around you, doesn’t it? It is like you watch yourself revolve. What are you revolving around? You may think you are settling down, and then the unsettling comes. You may see unsettling as loss of confidence in yourself when it really means the Humpty-Dumpty of yourself is being put together.

Change is the word for today, and you are the one changing. Consider changing as a synonym for growing, for you are growing very fast, and what used to fit may no longer fit. You may well have outgrown the world you knew, or thought you knew. You may feel out of your element, and so you are rising higher.

When the inner you changes, outer change is in the offing. You may have ideas of what these changes will look like. You could be right, or you could not. Maybe dreams you didn’t even know you had will come true. Something will come true. Perhaps, dreams I have had for you will come true.

Climbing a mountain may not seem easy, may not seem easy at all. And, yet, when you get to the top, the view makes the climb well-worth it. You are the climber climbing the ladder of life. You are the vine that climbs the fence. You may be Jack climbing the bean stalk. You do not yet know the world you will find at the top. That’s all right. You will get there, and you will see for yourself what is before you. You won’t look back. Back is behind you. You are moving forward. Face front, beloveds.

You know by now that there is always another hill to climb. And another and another. An ant can only make anthills. Yet you are not an ant. You are a human being, and you have mountains to climb and discoveries to be made.

Just as you may eagerly await a new Heavenletter, just as you are eager to know what I will talk about tomorrow, you are equally eager to find the next hill to climb. There is always a hill waiting for you, a mountain, and beyond it a valley so green it takes your breath away.

Beloveds, you are entering green pastures. Green pastures will become a way of life for you. You may not want to leave one for another, yet, know I see you off, I travel with you, and I am at the new peak you reach, ready to give you a hand and greet you in a warm embrace. / link to original article

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