Lucas – The World Is Changing And Multidimensional Reality Is Taking Shape – 6 September 2013

Open-frame-icosaugmented-rhombicosidodecahedronThe World is changing rapidly as things go ahead in full steam. Yes the mist is clearing already and certain elements are taking their exposure to the new reality with a punch on the cheek.  We are moving forward. The new is coming together as the middle has brought the  stinger out the every circling around conflict polarity modus.

We see the multidimensional reality taking shape. It can be scary at first if things are shown to the world with their real faces no masks anymore.  We will see what it all is about. The story will be told in its entirety and we all will know.  No part will be left out. Only the whole truth will be known to you all. Is it vague, maybe for some. Others will see that on this level in the multidimensional there is already truth played out for you to see.

Unraveling what was hidden and seen for  the actions they take and the agendas they not told you.  Look, hear and see. But foremost feel the change already. The push for war that can not be. The push for corporate control over you all will not be. The harvesting of energy from your eternal source is no more consented to. It is growing consciousness day by day, minute by minute.  Timeless is the real knowing to be the power within has no limits.

We are becoming all introduced to our real inner-creational force that you got from source. It is easy to just perceive you are not helpless, a victim or can not do if you just alow yourself to know thy self. Know you’re not in a box. Nor an invisible box.  You are without a box or even a thought, belief or dogma that keeps you seeing or relating to that box that is no more. You always were free. Only the perception of being in your grandest creator form is coming back now. We will grow into our new roles as the wayshowers in  a new paradigm.

Yes, all those people or entities that you perceived to be more, leading, better, grander, more powerful are fading away in the semantics of an ended duality words.  It is no more.  They all have to accept we are taken our role back as the equals  and even now have become their guides into that they have not experienced first hand. You all were master coming here to bring the wish of source about. The wish  for a new place to be expressing our powers and new reality on a higher vibrational multidimensional frequency level is almost complete.

Know and feel you are the new explorers of a frontierless reality.  There is only neutral space.  All is and nothing is.  Nothing is owned. All is always available in all its possible potential forms of vibrational energy frequency.  That is the true abundance of all. It is everywhere so in all dimensional realities you can be in at your reached vibrational energy frequency level.  That is up to you how you reach out  to be that all. You only can limit yourself to see you only in 5d but all is possible. All the way.

You choose your journey and make it all happen. You build in you frontiers if you still “think” to need them.  Know to be multidimensional and you are able to be and not be in one space at the same time. We are the quantum physical riddles of the still in old patterns and dogmas thinking scientific community. We are ourselves the new energy cells, the new unimaginable fast internet of knowledge, we are the brightest shining stars and suns that generate life by merely being.  You will know.

Love yourself  so much for keeping you standing in this transitional time. You are really needing to applaud yourself to be giving this experiment the best possible outcome source wished for.  It is all done. It is just a flick of a switch away.  Just be prepared for you new role. You are well equipped and will find help and support from the fellowship of oneness.  As it is about sharing, caring and loving and doing all for the best of all and each other.

Love you all so much,


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂 So true 🙂