TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Sin Of Sins – 7 September 2013

The Sin Of Sins

We walk in a world full of mistakes… most religions create mind programs that are put deep into people’s consciousness for their entire lives… and they are wrong. And that one mistake alone has created more damage to the human race than many others put together. The mistake is about the true meaning of the word SIN.

How much guilt, sorrow, despair, fear has the human consciousness been infused with that word? How terrible is any god that has been dressed with that fear?

“If you sin you go to hell”. True. Given that the real meaning of the hebrew word sin means nothing but

forgetfulness; to miss.

nothing to do with what you do or don’t.

It’s whether you are doing it in consciousness or out of unconsciousness. Are you doing it with a self-remembering or have you completely forgotten yourself?

So yes, if you sin you go to hell, as hell is what the perception of life becomes. For living in constant fear, guilt, inability to express oneself and be, looking at an old book to follow distorted rules is enough of a hell for anyone.

But once the real meaning is given back to it… life makes a little bit more sense does it not? We were born in sin… yes we were born forgetting who we are, missing ourself. But once you start to remember “go and sin no more”, Be yourself as what you Are. Be the Glory of expressing your Soul and the Joy of sharing your Love.

Killing is not a sin, it’s the outcome of the deepest pain one can perceive: forgetting that the one you kill is part of you and that by killing anyone you truly kill your self too. That is the sin.

Imagine if all got back to its original meaning, imagine if suddenly all started thinking, freely, about the truth of what they are. Imagine the glory of it and how fast the world could change!

Imagine if, instead of prisons, we’d build centers of remembrance, places where people are helped to get back their missing piece! Helped to remember why they did whatever they did… out of fear. For in truth there’s only one fear: the fear of separation, of not being loved, worthy, seen. Of being alone and lonely. Anyone that remembers can by no way do any harm unto others, for he or she remembers and harm can’t be done without forgetting.

So we look upon the sinners and want to punish them, but are we not guilty as much as them for not helping them remember? For not walking the path of presence with them? For as far as there’s even only one person on the planet that does not remember, until the very last one has left the “hell of sin” for its true self, no mission can be said to be over. For no one can leave the scene unless all pieces of the one go home.

And if anyone of you can’t wait to leave then you’re still in sin too, for you’re willing to leave a part of your self in the unconsciousness of who you truly are, and that means you’re still in illusion too.

Wanting to go “home” is a wonderful help to walk the path of remembering, but if you’re not able to look at your brother and sister, whoever they are, and hold out a hand and say “come with me, I’ll show you where home is” then your path is still unravelling. And the “original sin” is still in you.

Blessed be those that walk the path of truth for they see and know God, as God is in all and everyone. Hell is upon those too stubborn to see it and believe they’re separated from their brothers and sisters as they believe they walk a different path. There’re many streets but only one home: the kingdom within.

Love, You. / link to original article

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