Lisa Gawlas – The Convergence Point And The Mirror Image – 8 September 2013

lisagawlas2What an absolute interesting, learning filled day yesterday was in my world.  First, two men that were visiting my landlady took it upon themselves to clear the old debris from our back yards, including trimming the dead branches from the tree’s and bushes.  Two women hauling it away from the ground.  Divine masculine and divine feminine working in harmony, clearing things up for the new growth at hand.  2X2: duality, above and below all equally a 4, a cycle of completion on earth.

By the time my second reading of the day was scheduled, I had men literally in my back yard, in my reading field, trimming, chain sawing, doing clean up work.  I couldn’t fire up a connection to save my life, even tho, the first one of the day was easy and clear as a bell.  The difference being the activity that was now underway in the reading field.  I was filled with way too much energy to simply call this a day.

More than anything in all this world, I am so grateful for your patience and understanding within my own world, especially the scheduled reading world.

I decided I am going to attempt to read out my front door instead of the back, something I have never done before.  Much to my amazement, it was effortless to connect, but something was really strange in Denmark.  What was produced was a mirror image of the backyard reading field, which is really much more disorienting than one would think.  I was now sitting in the west (as opposed to the east), the east was now across from my field of vision instead of being in front of it, and even future and past was running in opposite directions.  I kept having to turn myself around (in my chair) to orient myself with the backyard directions of the field to make sure I wasn’t misreading the energy.  Kinda kewl, kinda crazy.  Incredibly exciting.

The first connection I was concentrating on orienting myself to this new display of soul energy, by the time the second one arrived to be read out the front door, I was now paying closer attention to what I was seeing that I didn’t notice the reading prior.  All of the energy, imagery, was much lighter or maybe better stated, brighter, than when I read in the back.  Intensely bright.  From what I understood, it was due to the light reflection in the mirror image I was now reading from.

But equally, there was not a person i was reading for yesterday (save the first connection of the day) and same will happen today, that isn’t going thru their own debris cleansing in their own life and emotional field.

I also became oddly aware that the east field of new beginnings was now overlapping the west field of harvested energy thru this mirror image.  For the last few days spirit has been placing a word in my inner hearing (alright, two words) “Convergence point.”

Since the day I woke up with a fever (2 days ago) I started to see what could very much look like the flow of a river.  Life itself.  I read the individuated water droplets of the river every day.  Some move themselves out of the larger flow of the river to form streams of experience outside of the core river and then merge back to the body of the river in what we can call our perceived future.  Some of these side streams were planned from the other side of the veil to experience, some, created simply by human (ego) desire and alignment.  All taking us deeper into our understanding.

I also watched when the streams were there by the ego desire, how, on the other side of the veil, our team is changing the staging area of experience.  New details, new people, next experiences will happen.  Good thing spirit never sleeps or we would be in a world of hurt lol.  But I was also shown something unexpected too.  The last quarter of this year, the river that is on the other side of the equinox.  It has formed into a large pool of energy and the moment I seen that bulge, or pool formation is when spirit started to use the words “convergence point.”

As I not only noticed the refraction of light in this new reading position, I equally noticed something even more exciting.  The weaving together of the two areas… for me it would be the back yard and the front yard, for you however, it would be the west field and the east field.  This weaving pattern was exactly like i had experienced the day before as I fell asleep and my dream time became weaved into the TV show playing.

The wisdom, the innate knowing and really good karma coins (smile) are fully available to us from the west field.  Mastery of all we have ever experience, past, present, future and on other planets.  From this wisdom, we are given the full landscape to seed anew.  A critical moment in our evolution to take from the harvest of soul experience (as opposed to life experience) and break ground on the new.   An exciting convergence point.  A convergence point that is so big it forms around the entirety of the rest of this year.

This is not the time for complacency, at all.  Quite the opposite really.

With huge (((HUGZ))) and accelerated excitement, my day of new connections begins….

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