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Lisa Gawlas – The Convergence Point And The Mirror Image – 8 September 2013

lisagawlas2What an absolute interesting, learning filled day yesterday was in my world.  First, two men that were visiting my landlady took it upon themselves to clear the old debris from our back yards, including trimming the dead branches from the tree’s and bushes.  Two women hauling it away from the ground.  Divine masculine and divine feminine working in harmony, clearing things up for the new growth at hand.  2X2: duality, above and below all equally a 4, a cycle of completion on earth. Continue reading


Ariah Velasquez – Everything Comes From Source – 8 September 2013


Yes it’s true. Everything.  Even things you might think are the pathetic parts of society, or unevolved.  Everyone is each doing what they came here to experience whether it be light-oriented or not.  Everyone is doing what they know how to do based on their soul agreement or evolution.  Everyone and everything came from source and some day will return one with source.  All is a piece of source, this means all comes from source.  Source is Love and Light. It is all aspects of energy.  There is no judgment when it comes to source.  It smiles at all as it is simply having an experience.  The intricacies and the complexities of all that is make up all the actions of each Human and every other being in the Universe.

Continue reading

BREAKING: Alaskan Army Bases Under Cyber Attack 9-8-2013 ( A Classic Example Of Fear Mongering) – 8 September 2013

( Lucas : this is a classic example of the fear mongering and you also believing that this is a real attack etc….. STOP BELIEVING THIS NONSENSE> even the running of an emergy generator at the background sitting in some sort of tent…….. should make you suspicious!! lol! Haha, whatever……… I don’t give the end of the world scenario’s any attention… if the internet is down or the energy supply it does not say… end of the world.  )

I sense a false flag… Obama wants this war and he is scared because the American people are fighting against it. hes trying? to get us riled up so we get mad enough to back him… not going to happen


Méline Lafont – Series Of Live Channeling Saint Germain – Serie 2 Part 3 – Animals In This Ascension (August 12, 2013) – 8 September 2013

Changing topics if I can for a quick second. A lot of questions came in with respect to our animals and pets, our cats, our dogs, maybe horses, animals in general.. and basically 2 quick questions I would like your feedback on. The first question is: why do our pets, our cats, our dogs not live as long as we do? They live maybe 10, 12, 15 years and then they end up leaving the physical body. There are a lot of questions that came in on that cause a lot of people don’t understand it, they are concerned about their pet and it is very traumatic. The second question is: can you maybe talk about our pets in this Ascension process? What happens to them and how do they ascend? Just maybe to give some reassurance to the readers and the viewers. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Syria Covert Op : They Had To Dump Hillary And Bring In Kerry – 8 September 2013

JonRappoportPushed and prodded by John Kerry-Heinz, the zombie from the Black Lagoon, the European Union has agreed to look carefully at the upcoming UN inspectors’ report on chemical weapons.

The report will determine whether those weapons were deployed in Syria but NOT BY WHOM. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Merck Vaccine Developer Admits Vaccines Routinely Contain Hidden Cancer Viruses Derived From Diseased Monkeys – 8 September 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) If you haven’t yet realized the truth about how vaccines contain hidden cancer viruses, prepare yourself to be shocked by the admission you’re about to hear. Decades ago, one of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry — a Merck scientist — made a recording where he openly admitted that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses. Continue reading

John Ward – Future Crock : The IOC Strikes Again – 8 September 2013

JohnWThe last thing the IOC’s choice of Tokyo as an Olympic venue demonstrates is 2020 vision

September 8th 2018

The IOC opened an entirely new chapter in the history of the Olympic Games last night when it announced that the 2024 Olympic Games will take place underwater, off the coast of the East Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Known locally as The Blue Cemetery, the Olympic village will be built in a submarine pothole that reaches over 426 feet into the depths of the earth. It’s best known for the astonishing number of diving fatalities that have occurred there, having been deemed “The World’s Most Dangerous Diving Site”. “We chose to site the games here so that all humanity can share the experience,” said IOC spokesperson Mia Bonkeras-Locazione, “and secondarily to minimise the number of fatally irradiated athletes. As always, the IOC’s key priority is to create the perfect conditions and ultimate in safety for the athletes, several of whom are still alive following the unforseeable nuclear tragedy of 2020″. Continue reading