– Mubarak’s Last PM Backs Army’s Sisi For Egyptian President – 9 September 2013

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq says he will back army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for president in an election expected next year, adding to speculation that the man who led the overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi could become head of state.

Shafiq, a former air force commander who came second in last years presidential election, said he would not run if Sisi did.

The comment suggests why, just months before the election, there are no declared candidates as politicians wait to see if Sisi is going to run before announcing their own intentions.

Sisi has said he does not seek authority though speculation he will run has mounted since he toppled the Muslim Brotherhoods Mursi from the presidency on July 3. Sisi is widely expected to win if he runs.

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