Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God Poses Questions – 9 September 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

There are two schools of thought:

1. It is written where you would be at this time and place.
2. You create your own destiny.

Can it not be both at the same time?

There is, after all, free will. Can you recognize the possibility that your destiny is not marked in stone but that you can change your destiny? No matter, destiny destined or subject to change, you are in the right place at the right time.

Of course, you make choices. Choices are not forced upon you, and yet, sometimes, to your mind, they seem to be.

And, then, where do regrets come from, regrets that you went this way instead of that, and why?

You also have heard that there are no accidents, no coincidences, no altered courses.

Is when and where and how you die predestined?

In that case, how do miracles exist? Are miracles also predestined?

If everything is predicted, is free choice then an illusion?

I ask these questions for you, on your behalf.

And then I have told you that you will all return to Me from whence you came. That is a foregone conclusion, beloveds. That much is certain.

Then, if you create your own destiny – well, how can that be? Can destiny be created? If your future is foreordained, what can free will have to do with it?

In that case, you might ask:

“Did I decide on my life beforehand? Good grief, if my life is all laid out, why, do I have to go through the motions? God, I can tell You this: I do not slide through life. Living life as a human being isn’t a cinch. Why would I set such a bumpy road before me? That doesn’t sound like me. Actually, why would anyone choose difficulties for themselves? Who would give himself or herself the best and the worst of life, at least as we human beings see our lives along the way?

“Of course, that’s right. You, God, don’t see good and bad. You may acknowledge our pictures of suffering, yet, You, of Yourself, see something else.

“God, I do have to ask You what life is for? What is it all about? You have said on at least one occasion that human beings are here to learn joy. God, to learn joy among rabble-rousers and thieves and all manner of things is hard to perceive. I don’t get it.

“Perhaps You have told me that I don’t have to get it. I just have to live it. Well, that’s true. While I’m here on Earth and in whatever tangle I am, I go through it. I live it. I live it as best I can, and that means to continue living it whether I recognize my free will or not.

“God, I hope it’s all right that I ask You these questions. I know You have said that questions go around in circles, that they don’t take us anywhere except around the block.

“Is it true, God, that some day, I will just know the answers and I will be so happy? I will have no questions to ask? Is this true? I do grasp You made me and that I am greater than I perceive.

Our blessed animals on Earth live steered by instinct. I have seen the beauty of animals and how they take one day at a time, how they let go of the past and, like the lilies of the field, they don’t worry about the next day. Does instinct possibly mean closer bonding with you, God?

“You have told us not to complain, God, and yet where do my questions come from besides puzzlement and a desire for life to be friendly always and, therefore, free from discontent?

“I know You must be right. When I look upon beauty and love everywhere, as it is now, I don’t ask questions. I exclaim: ‘How beautiful the world is!’ And I say with all my heart, ‘Thank You, God.’” / link to original article

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