NewsForage – Public Concerned Over Growing Use Of Tasers By Police In UK – 9 September 2013

News Forage

( Lucas: My question is clear:  Is the taser, that is proven to be lethal as the dead figures in many countries proof,  lawful to use  not legal. If the usage is only that of torture or silencing someone alleged accused of a crime or even sometimes not even charged with any crime.  If harm is done due to not complying to harassment of police officers or not complying to illegal questioning by officers or if  people’s lawful rights and freedoms are just tasered away under false pretences  arrests  and or resistent to false arrest charges, you should think twice about not becoming liable  as police officer or as government or individual to your actions and even getting criminal charges for these reasons filed and prosecuted.)

The use of Tasers by police in England and Wales has more than doubled to 7,250 deployments a year, new figures will reveal this week, raising fresh concern about the risks to the public of more widespread use of the devices.
Senior police officers are bracing themselves for criticism when figures on the rise in Taser use across the country are released by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday. They will show deployment of the weapons has risen from around 3,500 in 2009 to 14,500 in the two years 2010 and 2011 – 7,250 a year.

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