Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 352 – 10 September 2013

AishaNorthLet us begin this missive by thanking you all for the tenacity you have all shown these last few days. Much seems to be in turmoil now, and it can be very hard indeed to keep the balance in all of this heaving to and fro. For the energies are churning around now, and as they do so, much will come to the surface that has been hitherto hidden. Some of it may be seen as a nuisance, while other things will be seen for the true treasures they really are. Remember, you all carry within you a real treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and power, and now, much of this will be washed out much in the same way that grains of gold are washed out from a pan of sand.

So again we say, even if times are challenging in all sorts of ways, do not forget to look at yourself and see the deep well of knowledge, power and wisdom that you harbour within. Again, this may become more than obscured by all of the noise that is being emitted at the moment, both from your own physical body, but also from the world at large. So let us take this opportunity to once again remind you of the same old advice of remembering to connect with your own true core as often as you possibly can. For if you do, you will feel the true strength you carry within getting ever closer to the surface.

It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen. And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfullness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store. For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ”real you”. So again we say hang in there, and remember to check in with yourself frequently now, lest you forget who you are aiming to get to know intimately once again after this very, very long sojourn within the confines of being simply ”you” in a human form. / link to original article


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