DutchNews – Judges Pull Out Of Cases Focusing On Former Justice Ministery Boss – 10 September 2013

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : This is about cases of alleged child abuse relating to this former boss : Demmink.  Even after the Helsinki Commission urged to get proper investigation of the claims still no judge is taking the case….. So is the real face shown?  Which judge will take the court case and has no fear of a former boss that should not interfere in “so-called” being impartial judges ruling the case. If the case can not be ruled upon for this reason the whole impartiality of the judicial system is  at stake. A real new precedent is in the making to hide for the reason impartiality the real truth as it can not be trialed….. )

Two court cases relating to the former secretary-general of the justice ministry are running into trouble because of a shortage of judges willing to take them, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

Joris Demmink retired last year and several judges have turned down the cases because they knew him personally, the Volkskrant said.

One case centres on claims made in the AD newspaper that Demmink abused several children in the 1980s. Demmink is taking legal action against the newspaper.

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