EneNews – Expert : “Ban All Fish From Japan”- Cesium-137 Absorbed By Human Body Has 30 Year Half-Life – 10 September 2013

enelogoTitle: Ban all fish from Japan to ease fears, says food expert
Source: South China Morning Post
Author: Candy Chan, Amy Nip
Date: September 10, 2013

Ban all fish from Japan to ease fears, says food expert

Hong Kong should ban fish products from all of Japan in response to public fears of contamination from ongoing leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plant, a food expert said.

Leung Ka-sing, an associate professor at Polytechnic University’s department of applied biology and chemical technology, said it would act as a preventive measure and address fears over radiation.

“If the government imposed a ban, the city would still have enough supplies of fish. So why not?” […]

Professor Stephen Tsui Kwok-wing from Chinese University’s School of Biomedical Sciences […] said the half-life of caesium absorbed by the human body was about 30 years.

In general, bigger fish tend to have a higher risk of accumulating radioactive materials, he added. […]

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