Lucas – The Clockwork – Perpetual Motion – 10 September 2013

DeutschesUhrenmuseum_WeckerModellThe new time  is not anymore time in linear sense but time in the sense of the course of things to happen.  How things unfold in a process so to say. Like the little tracing wheels that connect to each other to make a clockwork move. They need to be at their exact place  to get things in motion.  That is what is happening already for some time now.

The motion that will bring change gets closer and closer to that space where everything is  at it exact place to get things working the way it should. The process is that what we and earth and all things need to go through. The order of things can not be changed.  This makes a lot of us that still experience time to be feeling as if things are stalled or not going as quick as you want it to go.

Still things are just going fine. The perpetual motion we have  going  has started some time ago and is making sure things go as they should in the bigger picture  regardless of all sorts of diversions, manipulations and perceived alterations of things. The motion is set and it will bring about what is needed. Just know it is all to be in the right moment, at the right time always.

So if people ask when, how long, or even  say it takes long that is  still about linear time and not about things in a process.  The process of things is just like the event everybody is waiting for we are gonna see lots of things happening when certain pieces of the clockwork are in place to get the clock moving.

The changes are near as more and more pieces of the puzzle so to say have arrived to make up for a completion of a certain process that will make the events happen. Yes events not A event. We will see on multiple levels things appear on stage.  It will be, and I know you will understand now if I say, soon.

All is unfolding in the right order and we will get there without doubt. Just be patient, hold on to your inner-power and know it all is just gonna be amazing. We are really truly transitioning in all sorts of ways. Just see, hear, feel and know it is just all very near.

Love you all,


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