Lucas – When Neutrality Goes Hiking And Separation Becomes An Encampment – 10 September 2013

Amam_camp_-_Flickr_-_Al_Jazeera_EnglishA hiking  trip is what we all are upon in this journey of our lives in the now.  That trip leaves al sorts of experiences and paths open for you even in this last phase of our trip. Still the trip will lead eventually  to that one space.  Know the door is open even if you got hiking on the separation path instead of the path of neutrality, balance and the being in center. 

You might have made or even make still mistakes and that is perfectly alright. Do not forget to come back on trail without having negative attachments , grouches or still separation belief structures  that keep you from being just YOU centered. The whole circus is now on te road to give you learning lessons about what separation WAS in your life, so you can let go. The more you see unity you will see also what separation is and was and therefore  see the neutral zone appearing.  Personally I reached out a lot of times to those that chose to get hiking on a separation trip and even I have been sometimes of course myself.  I respect the choice of anyone who decided to disconnect.  I  still do not get the construct of  separation even when labelled as  love or oneness or whatever term you give it. A circle in the sand is still an enclosure.

My door is  open if you want to connect. You know where to find me. That is what you all can do. Just keep those doors open. Even when it was said those doors are closed for ever or even when people felt attacked by not wanting to see they closed the doors for being exposed to their fears, angst and for their reasoning to keep separation going.

You know we are on a hiking  trip together and it has been on rough terrain and with lots of ups and downs. People still are joining and leaving the trail. Know all will find their way some how back to that space in the middle in the end. That choice is yours always. It is you that frees yourself of the cosy boundaries from you encampments of the known.  You can go limitless always.  Just make that  space in your heart available and you will see. That love inside will help you find back if you choose so.  It your free will.  Camps will not be anymore even when still promoted or seen as confined spaces to keep certain ideas, beliefs or matter secure for yourself or certain others.

You will find out that there is no camp needed to be home everywhere. Where your heart takes you your home is. That place will be there as it is that space that is in all and everything.   Eventually all created bubbles of separation will burst and flow into oneness and unity.  The people will be going to  see the multidimensional. Getting to a new unknown space is always scary at first but the opportunities to make dreams come true from  your limitless creational force within are just unimaginable. Just know  we are soon arriving  at that space for all of us and you got all the hiking gear you ever need inside of you to explore and create the new in equality, harmony and peace together.

Love and light,


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