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laura-of-the-rocksAnother post from my friend Timothy Glenn: this one continues the analogy begun in “Your Game Review,” an analogy that explains life on 3D Planet Earth as a highly addictive (and limited) computer gaming simulation with bizarre and unique rules that most forgot but some have begun to recognize. In that article, the analogy ultimately suggests clicking “Uninstall,” which left readers with questions like, “But what does that mean? Do we die? Do we cease to exist in this reality? Just how much would I be Uninstall-ing?” Tim/Proterrian returns to address those questions.

A note about channeled writings: for a wide variety of reasons, I don’t usually publish them. If I find particular value in the content, I make an exception. I’ve known Tim for a long time, and I can vouch for his good sense, huge heart, and finely honed intuition/perceptions/discernment. I also like that Tim writes his articles as “Timothy Glenn,” summarizing and analyzing what Proterrian has shared with him, rather than as straight channelings, which imho can often read stilted, condescending or overly fluffy. In any case, here’s today’s follow up to “Your Game Review.” If you haven’t already read that article, you might want to start by clicking here first.

At the risk of sounding silly and stating the obvious, I will also emphasize that the following is an analogy. To my knowledge, no one is actually selling software or operating programs, and you are much more than a soulless computer. Actually, that’s a main point of these articles — reminding people that the limited version offered as “normal life on Earth” is outmoded, artificially (and somewhat arbitrarily) constrained, and a lot less fun and/or satisfying than it could be. It’s a version, and certainly not the only one.

Reviewing Your Game Review
Introducing Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0

By Timothy Glenn

The previous article, “Your Game Review”, triggered a bit of confusion. In the Proterrian channelings, a clear distinction is made between “the game” and the Planet Earth, over which “the game” has been superimposed. “The game” is entitled Life on 3D Planet Earth. Proterrian channels a bit of “attitude” toward “the game”.

This multi-dimensional/intergalactic collective named itself Proterrian. In their Reality, these Beings are completely telepathic and have no use for names. We\ Earthlings are the ones who seem to need names, so they looked into our linguistics and chose a name that means “Pro Earth”. However, Proterrian has never hesitated to add that Pro Earth does not necessarily mean Pro Human. They have repeatedly stated, “We are Pro Human to the very degree that the Human is Pro Earth.”

These Beings love planets. When they first beheld the spectacular beauty of the Earth, they were blown away. When they monitored the planet on the level of emotional frequency, they were blown away in the opposite direction. They saw an exquisite planet wrapped in a dark cloud of fear. “The game” is played within that cloud. In “Your Game Review” the sarcasm was directed at “the game”, not at the Earth.

What on Earth Is “The Game”?

Superimposed over the Earth, Proterrian sees a grid of barely conscious energetics. Human consciousness appears to be trapped within that hologram. This results in the analogy of “the game” which, in the film The Matrix, the character Morpheus describes as “the computer-generated dreamworld that has been pulled over your eyes.”

For millenia, humans have had a spell cast over them, so they live in a trance. They perceive little of their own reality, and therefore cannot see the planet for what it really is. The Earthlings bumble along in a miasma of amnesia, not remembering their spiritual identities, nor even their history as humans. In other words, the players have become so dumbed down, they can hardly remember anything they have done in “the game” so far. This phenomenon has crippled their ability to live in harmony with their own home. Besides, if you lack the ability to keep track of what you have done and what you are doing in any given game, you probably suck at that particular game.

By the 1980′s, physicists had grown aware of so many types and levels of energy, that they estimated that our nervous systems are only capable of processing about one billionth of the available energetic stimuli in our environment. This means we are only decoding an infinitesimal percentage of what is right here, right now.

Welcome to “the game”. Life on 3D Planet Earth 1.0 has become your number one addiction, to the point that it limits you to about one buzzillionth of your natural awareness, and then sucks on the rest of your essence.

The Proposed Upgrade

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 will offer players infinitely more options. The framework of Life on Planet Earth 1.0 simply cannot facilitate the proposed changes to basic gameplay, much less all the intricate variations. The old version of the game also needed to be hacked in order for the players to interface
with the planet herself.

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 requires an entirely new game engine to provide a platform upon which to build the multi-dimensional gameplay system, including the option of playing either real time or turn-based scenarios. The new version of the game is designed for complete interface with the Planet Earth, Gaia, who helped our design team develop a whole new concept in Earth gaming.

As you undoubtedly understand, we are not talking about patches to the 1.0 version. However, essential patches and Earth-friendly scenarios for 1.0 are being made available now, while we anxiously await the release of the new edition. In “Your Game Review”, the suggestion was to uninstall the 1.0 version.

For those of us who love planets, especially this one on which we are incarnated, the next suggestion would be to follow the aforementioned uninstall with the installation of Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0.

2.0 Does Not Kick Ass

Version 1.0 kicked ass. If you feel you have not as yet had your ass kicked enough, by all means you have the right to play 1.0 until it sucks all the rest of your essence out of you, and leaves you enslaved as a transhumanized android in some pervert’s dystopia. Old scenarios like Zombie Apocalypse can still be downloaded for 1.0 diehards. If you lean toward such scenarios, we suggest you take the term “diehard” into contemplation; that is, if you have enough consciousness left to achieve a contemplative state.

Since the not-so-user-friendly developers of 1.0 based their design on fear, players found themselves in a maelstrom of either ass kicking or ass kissing; sometimes both simultaneously. Due to severe gameplay imbalances, ass kicking tended to manifest on the receiving end, while ass kissing tended to manifest on the giving end.

Version 2.0 eliminates both extremes. The new love-based game system will more than compensate for the former design flaw. After installing the Earth Editor, players will be able to design their own scenarios. They will find endless creative options for delightful heart-centered playing with asses, which will not include kicking, but may include kissing for reasons other than the standard 1.0 fare, such as the surrender of your inherent freedom as a Divine Being.

The Death of Death

In version 2.0, physical bodies will be referred to as Avatars. The Avatar Creation feature enables anatomical possibilities never dreamed of in the 1.0 system. Limitations have been stripped away. Shape-shifting will include gender-shifting, and the design team is presently engineering an add-on for more than two genders.

The 2.0 Avatars may look like significantly upgraded 1.0 bodies, but functionally there will be little if any resemblance. Perfect health in prime of life condition lays the foundation for infinitely advanced physical playability. The “Frozen Sculpture Model” of 1.0 will be replaced by the “Free-Flowing Energy Field Model” that will allow players to move in and out of dimensions with ease…and much, much more.

No time limits will be imposed. The Avatars will be able to vibrate into other dimensions without any requirement of returning, so the Death Dysfunction of 1.0 hasno function in the 2.0 system. Proterrian insists that “No great cosmic law exists that forces anyone to leave a corpse behind upon leaving any dimension. Besides, that’s rude. Your friends and family end up saying, ‘Gee, thanks. Now what are we supposed to do with this thing?’ More evolved Beings tend to clean up after themselves.”

Proterrian observes that 1.0 players maintain “an undying faith in death”. Such 1.0 diehards instantly fear overpopulation as a result of eliminating the 1.0 death feature. However, 2.0 replaces the 1.0 blind breeding frenzy with co-creative consciousness.

Thus Spake Proterrian

“In the game of good and evil, many Earthlings want to blame the existence of their evil on a dimensional arrangement, or on a density level, and then frantically search for an escape hatch out of their own reality. They want physics to explain the existence of evil, instead of realizing that evil results from choices made by fearful entities lacking in consciousness. In their minds, these Earthlings want to destroy a realm of existence, which would amount to amputating a portion of the infinite body of God. Not only that, but it’s their own realm of existence these Earthlings want to destroy.”

To quote the article entitled “The Heart Breath”: “Proterrian sees us as magnificent twelve dimensional Beings. We comprise all twelve dimensions, and it amuses Proterrian that we think we are trapped in the third dimension and have to fight our way through the muck and mire of the fourth, so we can jump into the fifth and yell ‘Safe!’

Why not integrate all twelve dimensions we already comprise? If only we allowed it, we could experience and express ourselves in any one or in any combination of those dimensions.

“The third dimension (known to a friend as Third Dementia) is not something alien to escape, but rather an innate part of ourselves to realign.”

Proterrian asks, “If you break your arm, do you amputate it? No, you simply get an x-ray and have it realigned.”

Density About Density

“Earthlings exhibit a lot of density about density,” Proterrian continues. “Whatever your density level may be, there are infinite gradations of density above and below your level. This exemplifies a cute feature of infinity: You’re always in the middle. “There is nothing wrong with 3D. There is nothing wrong with any density level.

It’s all relative, and it’s all about choice. How would you create a fourth dimension or a sixth dimension or a tenth dimension without a third dimension? Please explain the mathematics behind your geometrical musings. We would be most amused.”

Life on 3D Planet Earth 2.0 includes free access to all cosmic planes, universes, dimensions, density levels, timelines and realms. This feature precludes the imagined “need” to eradicate a whole dimension of a player’s reality. The Escape Hatch feature of 1.0 can stay with the old version. Someday soon, the 2.0 players will scoff at such notions, and ever-so-dismissively mutter, “Oh, that is so 1.0.”

Timothy Glenn


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