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I feel things boiling and coming to a point of exploding on many fronts. The beat of the background music is picking up tempo and the energy is crackling through the universe. I am sure many out there are sensing this as well. Everything that has been locked away from our knowledge and awareness can no longer be held back, the dam is about to burst open and change is about to explode outward tearing apart the old world and leaving it in ruins. Secrets and lies can remain hidden just so long and their time has come. We have come and we are pushing mightily against the seams in our quest to break free. The urge and surge are so great it can no longer be contained. The impatience is growing again and each time it does so just a little bit greater and with more urgency. I think we are staring down our final push in our birthing process.

The universal chant against war is loud and constant now. The masses have grown to considerable size against this false war and so many minds are popping open and new minds are being blown as to what is the truth and what is not! There has been a great deal of intense energy over the last month or so and it has been quite exhausting to say the least, but obviously during the bombardment we have been making major changes within. We are rapidly changing month to month now, it is really quite head spinning at this point. It used to be all the major fear mongering on what was in store for all of us was front and center, now it fades away into the background as we become more aware of our power and abilities. The power of love is so strong there is no halting it or overcoming it.

In times not long ago, war with Syria would have happened already. What is so astounding is now we are having the long-awaited discussion about the validity of such things as war. We are questioning if it is right, is it called for, is killing people really the answer. All the hype and fear mongering is designed to keep you from seeing the truth once again, only this time it is not about what they are doing as much as to hide the truth of their lack of power now. They are trying to hide their weaknesses but they cannot. The truth is pulsating like a neon billboard and more and more people are seeing it. We see their failure at fooling the people and what is even more eye-opening is their failure to fool their own Washington insiders now. They are starting to question things and the electricity in the air is wild with the questioning. It has come alive and it is not going away!

We just have to hang on a little bit longer now.I know it is easy to grow impatient as this has dragged on forever now it seems. What we must keep our eyes on is the prize at the end. Freedom. It is a long slow and painful process to witness a paradigm grow weak and begin to die off. We have never watched this happen before and so it seems to take forever, but we must have patience. It is up to us to maintain our heart spaces and keep projecting our love out to the world. It is up to us to keep envisioning peace in the world, happiness, free energy, clean water and air, healthy food. All of the things that we have cried out for will soon be ours but we must hold them in our visions and our intentions and continue to push forward and create them one step at a time. We will get there, no doubt in my mind!

Blessings to us all,

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