John Ward – Britain’s Encouraging Sign’s : Non Of Them Are Going To Decrease The Trade Deficit – 12 September 2013

JohnWMore recovery bollocks as Miliband’s ratings slump to all-time lowToday, observers as diverse as Barclays Bank and Vince Cable told the Chancellor that his Help to Buy Scheme was unravelling fast. The Slog told him a month ago this would happen, but over at the Maily Telegraph every straw continues to be grasped.‘A hiring boom among estate agents on the back of rising house prices helped drive a resurgent jobs market in the three months to July, according to official figures’ whooped the Sarkograph. Yes but…prices are rising because of Help to Buy….which is inflationary…..and which won’t contribute anything to export growth.

‘Barratt Developments, the housebuilder, has said the market is picking up across the country as the price of a new home rose 8pc to £194,800′ gushed the Barclaygraph. See above.

‘UK unemployment fell to 7.7pc in July’ crowed the Torygraph. Yawn….see above – plus endless Slogposts about hours worked still going down.

This kind of bollocks is now rebounding on the Black Dude in Washington, and it will cause a cards-housing collapse at 11 Downing Street before too long. It is simply no good pretending that Wednesday is 1963 and midnight is Westchester County: new data show the average family will still be worse off in 2018 than it is today, and despite the £470bn thrown at bank liquidity during QE, 50% of SME loan requests are still being turned down. Yet in the light of this and other devastating data about Britain’s debt costs in the context of rising gilt yields, just look at the pathetic goforit comments of ‘economists’ beneath the last of those Telegraph pieces. It makes one wonder how on earth any of these clowns find employment, let alone achieve guru status. None of this soi-disant ‘growth’ is down to organic free-market growth at all: and almost all of it has been created with taxpayers’ money.

Where is the Ed Miller Band when anyone with half a brain can deconstruct this tosh within three paragraphs? Well, Ed himself is going down again for the third time. In an Ipsos MORI poll out today, 60% said they were dissatisfied with the Labour Leader, while only a quarter still back him. In the final proof of Gumshield Man’s ability to aim low and miss, the poll showed that almost twice as many people think David Cameron is a capable leader compared to Mr Miliband. As David Cameron’s leadership capability has been typified by further education chaos, NHS muddle, EU defeat, UKip advance, Middle Eastern gaffes, and an inability to carry his own Party on Syria, I don’t like to think what people’s expectations of the Labour leader are.

As for the Labour Party itself, this is what it tweeted this afternoon: ‘David Cameron, has presided over yet another month of falling wages. That’s now 38 of his 39 months as Prime Minister’. Is that it, Labour Party folks? How about something more pointed like ‘Non-productive jobs created with taxpayers money, lower wages created by austerity sham. Recovery? For whom?’ Or why not take a small ad out in the Westminster Gazette: ‘Bankrupt Party silent on Co-op scam seeks ice-picks with view to puncturing Tory bubble gum’?

Face it: this Labour leadership does not represent an Opposition so much as an Unposition. This Labour Party lacks the guts to stand up and say the current constitutional, economic, fiscal and legislative models being applied to Britain’s problems are unfit for service, and need to be scrapped. ‘Your friend in Tough Times’? With friends like the Ed Miller Band, we have no need of assassins. link to original article

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